Interesting confrontation this morning.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by bobbyb13, Mar 7, 2009.

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    F250 + trailer + MF135 & bushhog. Three young men in a Camaro cut me off so bad I had to lock everything down. White smoke rolling off trailer tires, then the guy riding shotgun flipped me off. Instant rage (for me). I pulled in the BP lot fuming. They pulled up in front of me. (Ah Sh&t, I don't need this) I got the Browning Hi-Power and laid it on my lap. The Driver approached my truck. Surprise. He stated. "Sir, I apoligize for cutting you off, and for that dickweed giving you the finger, are you ok? my fault, and I am sorry" What to do, I told him I was ok, and apology accepted. His "friend" apologized for flipping me off. Kinda restored my faith in young people a little. There might be hope for some of them. I did laugh at his statement to the jerk that flipped me off. Don't F%&k with old men down here, they will shoot your ***. PA. plates on the car.
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    Glad to hear All's well that ends well! So FEW young people show any respect for anyone these days. Maybe there is still hope...

    I certainly would have had my gun in hand.