Interested in Savage 340C

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Buglemfar, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Buglemfar

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    I'm not much on general trends concerning firearm prices and don't go to many shows so wondered if anyone could enlighten me ragarding Savage 340 bolt action prices.

    Came across a bolt carbine variant with an 18.5" barrel in .30-30 that I'm interested in picking up. I've seen lots of the old Savage bolt rifles but this is the first carbine I've seen in my travels. I know these guns don't have much in the way of collector interest but I really liked it's handling qualities and I was thinking that with a peep sight installation, it would be a great little timber gun. Quick, light and stout.

    $300 is the asking price and it seems many pick these things up for much less so I'm wondering if i'd be getting mugged at this price? In poking around online, I came up on an article that indicated the carbine version was offered in 1962 and dropped two years later.

    Would this add to it's price or should it be had for the same price as any other 340? :confused:

  2. hiwall

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    You are the one to set the price- if you think its worth it to you then buy it. It would be a stretch to say it had any collector value. I would say $150 to $200.

  3. hardluk1

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    Unless you just have to have it let it pass on buy. Not a deal. They are a single lug bolt. and just a very average rifle at best. I came buy coule years back that my son-in-law wnated and got it for 160 dollars. Try to find a nice well used marlin 336 30-30 for 200 to 350 bucks. Or the H&R rifle.
  4. Catfish

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    I had one year ago in 22 Hornet. The triggers are lousey and no one makes an after market trigger for them. I think you would be better served to keep looking. My Bule Book says $ 235 for one in 100% condition.and $ 170 in 95% condition. My book is acouple of years old.