Interarms Mark-X .270 (24” barrel rifle)

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Jeremy512, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Jeremy512

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    I just purchased an Interarms Mark-X .270(24” barrel rifle). I have read some reviews online and so far, I have found positive opinions and information. I am new to this forum and I would like to get some feedback regarding this rifle form anyone here that has had experience with Interarms or specifically this model. Thank you in advance for the feedback.

    The gun was affordable, seems to fire well and has very little recoil/kickback. Naturally, it seems like one of them too good to be true scenarios.

    In addition, does anyone have any recommendations on a good magnification scope?
  2. cottontop

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    A few years ago, I had a rifle built for me on an Interarms Mark X action. A gunsmith barreled it for me w/ a 24" Douglas barrel, chambered it to .270, and stocked it w/ a nice piece of walnut from Fajen. He topped it off w/ a Weaver 4X and it was a very accurate rifle w/ 130 grain handloads. I took a Wyoming antelope w/ it in 1977. I sold it a few years later. Why, I don't know; weak moment I guess. You have a fine rifle. You should probably scope it w/ a good 3x9 or 4x12.

  3. Axxe55

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    thos rifles have an excellent reputation as well built rifles and accurate. the 270 is also an excellent caliber and one of my favorites. you have made a good choice in rifle and caliber. enjoy!

    my suggestion would be either 3-9x40 or also the 4-12 or even 4-16 power scope. i have a 3-9x40 on my Remington M700 in 270, and have given some thought to going to at least a 4-12x40 for it. if i do, i will probably buy another Nikon Prostaff in 4-12 for it. i have one on my 25-06 and it's a good scope, very clear. check them out, as they can usually be had for about $200-225 new.
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    Good rifles commerical mauser action and a good quality barrel. I had a 7mm rem mag version some 25 years ago and it shot well. No problems . Scope might depend on what is a long shot for you. 4-14 or 3-12 will work good and give a better last look before pulling the trigger. nicon, bushnell elit. leupold mid grade, mullers better grade
  5. Jeremy512

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    Thank you gentlemen for all the feedback on my new rifle. I appreciate everything. I went ahead and mounted a new Redfiled, Revolution 4-12x40mm scope ($260.00) on it. I haven’t zeroed it in yet, but I am certainly looking forward to it.
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    Interarms was an importer. A dynesty of one. Such guns were a benchmark of quality and value that helped define the state of the industry decades ago. And, as said, you have a .270? You simply cannot have made a mistake with that gun if it was used and not abused.

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