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    The editor of the Detroit Free Press, a leftist paper, recently wrote a long article about "why I carry". Seems he was in a convenience store, when he wrealized he was being stalked by two punks. He walked outside, and his impression was confirmed. He pulled his coat back to display his .40, and punks fled. Oh yeah, the editor is black. A liberal education?
    Lawyer Bob in MI
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    It always amazes me how many liberals see themselves as peace-making as Mother Theresa, but turn into Charles Bronson as soon as they are attacked or a family member is raped. Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal!

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    There are some liberals that are gun people, though they are in the definite minority. I work with a black woman who is very liberal, still thinks highly of Obummer, and is well armed. Would shoot some other Inner City Democrat in a minute if they screwed with her or her family.

    There are a couple others in the building I work in, including a woman who thinks the US will fail if Hillary does not succeed Obummer. She is a long time shooter and has had her carry permit in Florida since it was first permitted.

    Now, that said, you have a lot more probability of looking down a barrell if you bleep with any of us conservatives in this office!