Installed windows 7 on my desktop and it works great!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by tiberius10721, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. tiberius10721

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    I had a free version of windows vista on my desktop for the last two years and it worked pretty decent then yesterday I noticed a free version of windows seven on piratebay so I downloaded it and installed it and it works great. I installed the 32 bit version of it and after install it automatically installed all the drivers for all my hardware including my printer. My computer boots twice as fast and runs so much faster. windows 7 is what windows vista is supposed to be!
  2. Bigcountry02

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    I have to stay with XP Pro / Home versions - laptop and desktop are P4! The other portable mini Acer is 1 gig memory, XP only! I have checked already for windows 7. :(

  3. dynastyofnext

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    I dont know y people dont like vista, it hasnt failed me once. I'm on an ancient Dell machine I upgraded myself and everything is just great. But I am one for technology so I wanna look into 7.
  4. cpttango30

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    My 1 week old vista pc is already back in Best Buy to get fixed. After shutting down the pc for the evening when we go to start up the next morning it would not boot until I crashed the system and pulled the plug out of the PSU.

    My XP systems run fast and smooth. My laptop has SUSE linux and Win XP.

    The biggest problem with any windows OS is the registry. The registry gets clogged up over time even using a reg cleaner. The more programs you install and uninstall the more entries are made in the registry. When you uninstall a program it leaves entries in the registry. At least once every six months I back up all my files and reinstall windows.
  5. JiroZero713

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    Windows 7 is the new Windows that's 10 times better than Vista....goes back to basics and makes Windows almost king again.....if I still used it.

    I'm a macintosh user now.
  6. user4

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    Windows 7 is the new XP
  7. WDB

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    I dumped Vista and went back to XP pro. It would be nice if 7 is a quality upgrade, I'll wait to see.