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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by NewGunz, May 28, 2010.

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    So, I bought my first handgun, a SIG Sauer P226 "two-tone" off of BudsGunShop to be delivered to a local store that I have already gotten permission for. My original plan was to buy direct from a store but the only available store wanted $975 for the same gun that I just bought for $728, not even including paperwork fee. This is my first firearms purchase in general, although I have passed the California Handgun Safety Certificate with a 100% score and already have my card.

    My question is, BudsGunShop obviously says that I should inspect the gun when it arrives before I "accept" it and sign everything. When I do this inspection, what should I look for? Are there any telltale signs of a dud or fraud?

    Lastly, do any of you guys have experience with BudsGunShop? I've heard that they are a great store and they are BBB approved. Do I even need to be concerned about getting a bad 226 from them in the first place? Thanks a lot.
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    Basically, make sure all is complete and without any shipping damage.

    Bud's has a great rep for customer service. And the Sig 226 is a high functioning gun. No reason to be worried. It just simplifies things if you recognize any unforseen issues before the gun is transferred over to you. If you're not comfortable doing this, the transferee probably will for you (p226 breaks down really easy...lock the slide back, flip the slide release down 90 degrees, slide comes right off).

    Were you to take it home and have issues with it's function, I'd imagine Bud's would stand behind their product 100%. It's just easier for all involved if you can recognize any obvious issues as early as possible.
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  3. jakebrake

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    no experience with buds, but i assume your 226 has a decocker. help me sleep easier and make sure it functions.

    1-insure weapon is unloaded .
    2-aim straight up
    3-insert pencil (eraser end first) into barrel
    4-cock hammer
    5-cycle decocking lever.

    if the pencil comes out of the barrel, we got a problem.

    i'm a fanatic about safety issues. i'm sure there's 12 guys reading this, shaking their heads, and calling me a wuss, but, i walked away from a gun (not a sig) because the decocking lever was broken. good thing. was informed it would have cost more to fix than the asking price. (shame too....damn nice smith 45)
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    When performing that test, how should I cock the hammer, with the trigger or manually?

    Thanks for the info guys! Appreciate it!
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    well if your going to de-cock the gun using the de-cock lever you will have to cock it manually.
    cycling it in double action will draw the hammer, but it wont lock back in the full cocked position.
    im not 100% sure, but i think sigs have a half cock position, but testing it your gonna wanna go all the way to ensure proper
    de-cocking action.
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    Buds is great

    I've made MANY purchases from budsgunshop over the past few years, typically for guns I just can't find in stock around here. I never had a single problem or complaint. They send several emails notifying you of your order's status, payment, tracking number, etc. Even after paying $45 transfer fee, I saved as much as $90 on a gun. (BTW, a lot of stores in Calif. charge $100 for transfer!!!!). I would gladly order from them again.