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Hey guys, girls
I have loaded some rem. 140 psp and also swift scirrocco 150 .

I used 2 powders witch are listed in lyman 48th.
H-50BMG , and (RX-25) witch is RL-25 but lyman says RX but anyway. I had decent results with both bullets shooting at range only no kills yet. You know alot of ppl say this cal is overbore. well everyone has an opionion. Mine is I like the round , I've had decent amount of time with the 7mm and I think this cal. is great.
Its really just what you are doing with it. I will be shooting semi long range such as 200-800 alot of yardage between there huh. shooting whitetail at different ranges is so much fun .
Post some of your info please Any of the 09 books have new loads in them ?
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