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    No gun companies are making big innovations except for kel-tech and Mossberg with their ar mag bolt gun what do you think or what companies are making big innovations
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    IMHO a lot of companies are not making innovative designs anymore for two very good reasons. The first is this: CC weaponry is where the money is right now. If your not making a envelope-pushing weapon as far as conceal-ability goes, your not going anywhere in the market.

    The second reason is also fairly simple. Take for example Diamondback Firearms and their DB380. Its a revolutionary handgun for its price point. It doesn't, and likely wont, sell well because of minor issues that some experienced in the early runs of the firearm. If an manufacturer gains a "negative" light from just a few people with the ability to post a YouTube video, your likely sank on at least that model of firearm.

    R&D of new weapons (such as Kel-Tec's shotgun) is far from cheap. Dumping all of that money into a project with a 25% possibility of utter failure is a big risk. I imagine many just cant take, or aren't willing to accept, that kind of risk in this economy.

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    0 where the Money is right now.....380's and 9mm's seem to be the hot ticket right now......
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    Most of the biggest firearm related innovations were during the 1800's and 1900's. For example smokeless powder was invented in the 1890's with the 8mm Lebel cartridge, centerfire cartridges were first being developed in the late 1860's and were made standard issue in 1873 with the 45 Colt, 44-40 WCF, and 45-70 Government cartridge, during WWII the Germans developed the first "Assault Rifle" with the Stermgweher 44, semi automatic magazine fed handguns came into being with the Luger and 1911, and between World Wars submachine guns came into being.

    More recent innovations that have been developed are for the most part based off of previous firearm designs like the M1 Garand, K98k, 1911, Browning Hi Power, Browning 1895 "Potatoe Digger", and ect.

    The K98k's bolt action design is considered the best bolt action ever made, and was copied in the 1903 Springfield Rifle and most bolt action rifles today are based off that action. The 1895 Browning "Potatoe Digger" was the first gas operated machine gun which would later lead to gas operated rifles like the M16/AR15, M1 Garand, and AK47.

    Moving up the time chain, Glock made the innovation of the polymer frame for pistols. Barrett invented the .50 caliber semi automatic sniper rifle and Cheytac invented the .40 caliber sniper rifle. Mossberg's 590 was the only pump action shotgun to 100% pass the military's trials for the pump action shot gun, and the Dillon Aero Minigun shoots 3,000 rounds a minute and it's based off of the Gatling Gun from the 1800's.