inherited lugar and have no clue how old or value help please

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    Hi all! thanks for any info you have about this gun i inherited.
    It is a lugar with a cursive DWM on top. It has the numbers 81711 on the bottom of the barrel and also where the barrel meets the receiver? It also has the number 11 stamped on the back and various other small parts also have the 11. It also has the letter N with a crown over it stamped on the underside of the barrel, side of reciver, and the slide mechanism.

    it is in fairly good condition with very slight pitting and a matching clip(if i can find it). everything looks original. there is a slight amount of play when i wiggle the barrel while holding the grip.

    Any idea how old this gun is? Any info would be helpful. I know its hard to give value without a picture, but any idea on ballpark value? How much is that matching clip worth? i cant find it now. Should i have the play in it fixed? Anyways thanks for all your help. I may need to sell this gun soon(like tomorrow) and buy my pregnant girlfriend(just found out) a ring and i dont want to get ripped off. (on the gun or ring). Thanks again.
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    I cannot give you price or what it is worth but you may have to sit on it to get a better price. Without pictures it is real hard to see the shape it is in. Does it come with papers or holster? That is a gun with collector value if you take it a pawn shop you will get ripped off bad. Best bet is is to find a good gun appraiser. That Gun depending on markings could be worth 900 - 10,000+.
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