Info on Different AR Types for dummies (and what an m4 is)

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    The M4 is an AR-15 in the civilian world.

    The M4 is a 16" barrel with the retractable stock. There are SO many versions out now, that even most "M4's" are not M4's.

    In general a Standard AR15 has a fixed stock and 20" barrel. But as I said, there are hundereds of variations out there now. All of them are ARs.

    As for the military's M16...

    let me try to get this right the first

    The original rifle was the M16 or Ar15 with a 20" barrel.

    The M16A1 was upgraded with a forward assist.

    The M16A2 got a new rear sight system and a heavier 20" barrel with round forend. The M16A2 was semi/ 3 round burst instead of full auto.

    The M16A3 is the same rifle as the A2 with the removable carry handle.

    The M4 carbine has the 16" barrel with the adjustable stock
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    Well, you have it pretty good on the M16 side. However, I would argue that there isn't such a thing M4 AR-15. There are AR-15's that have A3 & A4 flat top upper receivers similar to the Government's M4 rifle. Combined with a 16" mil-spec government profile barrel that includes M203 cut, a collapsible stock on the A4 upper receiver assembly and a mil-spec semi-auto only AR-15 lower, you could call it a M4'gery.

    There are also AR-15's with fixed A2 front sights, a fixed carry handle with rear sights and a fixed full stock that could be considered M2 clones too.
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    I'm curious, what is the purpose of this thread, to educate us? To educate yourself? Anyway, many errors due to wording and fact. For example your definition of the M16A3 is incorrect - as it has a fixed carry handle. It's basically a rare version of the M16A2 but full auto instead of three round burst. You were describing the M16A4.

    And the original sales to the military actually were the AR15, not the M16.
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    There seems to be a lot of these threads where the OP puts down the "facts" which turn out to be full of holes.
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    Yeah, what you said. I myself have never actually seen an A3. The SAM-R had either the A1 or A3 fire control, which made it semi/full auto select, but it was because of the match trigger like quality (or so I was told).