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Inexpensive red-dot sights?

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There are a few inexpensive low-eyestrain red-dot sights available. Barska makes one, ATN, Sunclear that claims to be a holosight for $70, and so on...there are a few others out there under other names, all under $100. But these are NOT the cheap ones designed for paintball or a .22.

Any opinions on stuff like this?
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Thanks, Omnivore. Yeah, the rule "you tend to get what you pay for" makes sense, particularly with stuff like this.

"Low eye strain" is used to describe sights designed like the one pictured as opposed to red-dot sights that look like scopes (tubes).

The Barska doesn't claim to be holographic - just a red-dot. Though with the curvature of the lens, the dot stays put pretty well on the target even if you move your eye around.

I think I'll save my pennies for an EOTech or Aimpoint.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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