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    Mods, i wasnt sure if i should put this in politics section as it IS political in nature or Indiana forum as it deals DIRECTLY with hoosiers...but i will put it here for all hoosiers to see. Feel free to move if you deem necessary.

    Fellow hoosiers,

    As you may (or may not know) our good Governor Mitch is leaving us after 8 years of solid leadership due to term limit.

    I havent agreed with everything Mr. Daniels has done, or has proposed, in those 8 years. BUT, I dont think any of us can argue with the success of his leadership. 8 years ago our state was in debt and spending more money than it took in. (deficit spending) We are now in a surplus, taxes have been lowered and more businesses are coming to IN. We are the envy of the region. NONE of our neighbors are in as good a shape fiscally or in terms of liberty than we are. Not OH, not KY, certainly not MI and MOST assuredly NOT IL.

    He has done well in 8 short years.

    But this is not about Gov. Daniels and his leadership.

    This is about the future.

    Do we vote in Mike Pence, a well polished politician? A politician that has spent 12 years in DC. There is no arguing Mr. Pence is a conservative and gun friendly.

    Do we vote in John Gregg, another life long politician? A politician that spent 16 years in the state house and is former speaker of the Indiana house. A liberal Democrat that presided over the accumulation of 100's of millions of dollars of debt. A democrat that in the recent debates had derisive comments about our "out of date constitution".


    Do we go a different direction altogether and vote in a real person...NOT a career politician.

    Do we vote for Rupert Boneham? (Yes, the one and the same Rupert of Survivor fame)

    I was going to vote for Mr. Pence and continue our states growth and liberty under his continued leadership...continuing to lead from the foundation built by Gov. Daniels.

    But after watching the debates and reading thru were Mr. Boneham stands. I do believe i will be casting my vote for Rupert.

    In the debates he was NOT polished, he stuttered, stammered and lost his train of thought...i found this to be REFRESHING!

    I watched both the other candidates be dismissive of Mr. Boneham.

    After it was all said and done, Mr. Pence said and did 2 things that made me decide that i would NOT vote for him. 1) he said he would refuse to sign any bill decriminalizing marijuana or legalizing medical marijuana. and 2) he was arrogant and dismissive of his fellow candidate Mr. Boneham.

    I ask you to please check out and read thru where the man stands and his record of community service for our great state.

    I have sent an e-mail and am awaiting a reply as to where he stands on IN concealed carry, personal protection, firearms ownership and use. But considering the man, like I, carries a copy of the U.S. constitution in his pocket...i guess what his response will be.

    Here are links to the 1st two debates...i am remiss, i should have taken my son and tried to get into the 3rd and last debate across the street from my school and attended it.



    Notice were he stands on 4th and 10th amendments and abortion...his thoughts mirrors mine...His ideas and ideals best represent ME and MINE.

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