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Indiana activist checking in.

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I am originaly from TX and currently living in Indiana.
I attend gov meetings at the state agency, city committee, and those meetings of elected officials whenever policy, law, or consideration to the RKBA.

I found a reference to this website @ . This is not a promotion or advocation of another website over this one. I will spread the word on issues and concerns that affect my freedom and yours.

I say these things because I am doing. I am in the meetings testifying for our rights. I am raising the call to action by every able bodied man or woman. If we do not turn the tide more in our favor the gains we have won will be lost.

I will not participate in any competition online between boards for membership or ratings. I will use every resource I can to pass the word on issues and actions.

Outside of activism I am preparing and stocking up for the day they make mistakes in filing income tax info a disarming offense. That or more than 3 traffic tickets in your life.
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Welcome! What part of Texas did you live in?
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