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    Hi im new here on the forum "im danish, Denmark " so please escuse my bad english. i am a member of a gun club (publick place where you can practise up to cal 38 or what we here in europe cal 9mm parabellum. Im the hapy owner of a standard glock 17 and even though i dont have no criminal record what ever it took me 3 years to get licens to store the gun in my home. locked in ammo,,, casis and sleight has to be locked in 3 different places plus not just a drawer. ooo no metal boxes nailed to the floor and with a special standard (armored).
    listen.. if a thief /intrudeer enters my house carrying a base ball bath and i open fire and accidently hit him leataly, meaning he dies in the ambulance. dont forget even if he threthned me ill goo at least 7 years to jail.
    i just cant understand why getting cought deling up til 5 kilos of cocain ore 100 kilos of mariuana gives the same swentence 4 to 6 years.
    i cant carry my gun under no circunstances ihn publick hidden or not even *** a bankier carrying maby 100,000 USD in the afternon to the bank.
    I think it is a bit difficult for you to belive me but onfortunately its the trugh. I can only cary my gun the directely way to the shooting club and i also have to go straight to home after practising.
    cal 45 and more is not legale to use posses even in the shooting clubs.
    i know soem of the members of the club do have these firearms but its ilegale and they wil loose the right to posses adfirearm for the rest of ther lives getting cought.
    Ps anyone considering selling the standard glock 19. maby a sig 226 also. the prices in Denmark is at least 50 percent higher here than the happy states over there. hmm. anyone has a house for sale (joking)
    Guns dont kill. they are only for protection not show off. but its a human right to back off pulling your peace if somone tryes to harm you.
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    You raise some very good points, and unfortunately, I see the US heading in that direction soon.

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    Take note gents, is this what we want in the future? I know that some in power would love to simply add line numbers to our Danish friend's post and add it as a piece of legislation for us.
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    Fixed it for ya.:)

    By the way we are fighting really hard to keep the rights we have as well. I hope things improve for you after the government realizes how gun control is not benificial in preventing crime.