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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Lancer, Sep 25, 2011.

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    I was just thinking about the remarks some people (always other people of course:D) come out with without necessarily thinking it through.

    Just to kick off, many years ago, when pistols were legal here in England, I was down the range one Sunday. At the lunchtime break, I was in the range cafeteria, and one of the other shooters in the club mentioned that he had been told by the wife of a member we hadn't seen for quite a while,(he suffered from MS), that he had - earlier in the week, committed suicide using his Browning (he was a rifle shooter really so this was the only pistol he owned). At this, one of the other guys leaned forward, and with a look of intense interest on his face asked

    "What load did he use?"

    It had to be explained to him that this was probably not a question to ask at this time or indeed ever!

    Anyone else?
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    Even though insensitive I can see and have seen these type of comments used in the military. They can be motivating if used in the right context.

    Not sure if this is a true interview or if made up, but its very motivating to me being a former Marine.

    CNN reporter to Marine Sniper, "What do you feel when shooting and killing Iraqis?"
    Marine Sniper's answer to Cnn Reporter, "Recoil."

    Many things that are offensive to civilians are thought of as bad *** in the military. Just like the video that caused a dust up when a reporter was filming a house clearing and someone says "Is he alive?" An Iraqi makes some movements on the ground then you hear gunfire. Then you hear, "He's dead now." Thats something I would have enjoyed if I was there in that moment.

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    I've got something which some may consider...well I don't really know what the word is...but here it goes.

    My best, friend from the time that I was about 7, killed himself in November of last year. I am 21 now, so that gives some bearing on the time frame. Anyways, he used an H&R .22lr revolver, and despite what some may think, I really wish I had that gun. I often wonder what others would think about that sentiment, but there it is.

    I believe his family was given the opportunity to recover the firearm following the investigation, but I am 100% sure that they did not recover it. It's beyond even me to try and talk to them about it. Its a strange allure that I cant exactly explain.

    Now, let me go get my fire-retardant suite...:eek:
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    My friend is a medic, a coreman, (not sure if I spelled that correctly) he was telling me of a funeral service he and the rest of his unit attended for a friend that had been shot in combat. The deceased boy's father, being an ex-marine, kept asking to be told the story of how his son was killed while his wife followed at his arm crying. John, my buddy, said not one would tell the story untill the father got to the last man who had happened to become best friends with the dead boy while on deployment. The last thing he told the parents, while shaking furiously and crying, " do not worry sir, I shot that m***** f***** right in his ******* face." Speaking of the man who had shot their son. The old man and his wife flung their arms around the soldier and thanked him. Johno said it was very disturbing to watch because of all the other civilians around listening but felt better when seeing the parents react the way they did.
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    What a waste......

    How can I go about procuring all the guns that people used to commit suiside, and a letter of authenticity.......:eek: :D