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    In the news today, there is a few highlights that has came to pass and a few to look forward to.


    Senator Robert Byrd dies this morning at the ripe age of 92, I guess being a democratic former member of the KKK and long time believer in their stance helped keep him going for so long.

    This morning the GOP will grill the Supreme Court nominee, and long time anti-gunner/anti-rights Elena Kagan. (Just what we need, another anti-American holding a seat on our Supreme Court.)

    A little late but it seems that Martin David Ginsburg has passed away also. Who is he you say? Well he was the husband of the infamous ultra liberal and long time anti-Bill of Rights Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (She should be following him soon)

    On the War front.

    Gen. David Petraeus has taken over the war in Afghanistan and may have to fire or fire upon the civilians that osamaobama has appointed to run the war over there sense he does not get along with them either.

    As of this morning osamaobama still has no idea about how to run or win a war. (Not real surprising.)

    The war in Arizona is still raging and the government is no help at all. (So what else is new?)


    America is still in the crapper as far as jobs goes and the economy is not looking better like the White House says it is.


    Yes the oil slick is headed to L.A. There is not much hope that it will bypass L.A. and hit D.C. instead.

    Last but most important

    The Supreme Court is expected to release the long awaited Decision in the McDonald v. Chicago case. Some are saying it will be today and others say it will be tomorrow. (Either way it will amount to nothing more then an attempt at appeasement of both sides like the Heller case.)