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    I currently plan on pursuing a career in law enforcement. I have many of the things needed to make a decent resume and many of the things I don't have I am working on (ie. CJ Degree).

    My big question is this. I plan on making the move back to Michigan sometime this year (hopefully sooner than later) and I want to find volunteer work that may prove relevant to the career field I have chosen or that will at least appeal to a department. I have considered doing something with the DNR or Boy Scouts but I honestly have no idea what direction to take. This will be my first volunteer experience at the age of 21.

    The difficulty for me is finding something relevant to the career which isn't something that everyone else has on their resume. I want to stand out (tie-dye suit anyone?)!

    Finally I have one more question for those who may have experience in the area. Should I pursue an EMT-B or First Responders Cert? I feel that it would be a reasonable thing to get considering that I hear more and more departments are requiring it, EMT work is interesting to me, and I hope to eventually work in a rural area where I may likely beat the paramedics by several minutes.

    Ok folks, fire away and thanks for your time!
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    My little brother became a military cop so he didn't have to go into the St.Louis police become a police officer....They do the training in the military and as soon as he gets out he's trained......He's in Japan right now on a island and I can't even spell the name oakanowa....maybe........

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    Look to see if the city you are moving to has Auxilliary police. In my town, these are people who help the police department during times when more officers than we have are needed. Such as in parades through town, town wide festivities, etc. Here in my town they are volunteers and unarmed but they do have power to make arrests and enforce the law for the times they are sworn in to help the department. It is a good way to be seen by the police department and for them to get to know you so when you do feel you are prepared for a career in law enforcement, they already know who you are, your work ethic, your attitude, etc.
  4. danf_fl

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    Experience goes a long way. The military does have a good program to get into.
    Remember that there is a difference between Law Enforcement and Security if you decide to enlist.
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    Man, you're getting into a real tough field right now, especially in Michigan. There still are a few departments that will hire you and send you through their academy (Detroit is one, State Police is another) but the waiting list goes on forever right now.

    Like winds-of-change posted, many departments and sheriffs offices have auxilliary or reserves. There are some sheriff departments that have summer marine patrol reserves. They are always looking for help as it it a non paid position and it bolsters their field troops when necessary. It's also a good way to begin learning the good side and bad of police work, the operations of a department, and the people both whom you work along side with and those who you serve or deal with.

    RE: the EMT, there are some departments going to the public safety position where officers perform a dual role and in thus the EMT cert would be highly beneficial to have it prior to an application. Also with the cert, you can always hire on as a medical tech with a EMS crew while waiting for someone to hire you as a LEO.

    Good luck....

    Go onto the respective websites and look under employment/careers.
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    I appreciate the input!

    I have an agency in mind for reserve work. My father-in-law was a reserve for the same department but I'm not sure its where I would want to actually work full time. Its a little small which would be fine if it was into the country but being densely populated it simply doesn't appeal.

    To those who have made mention of the military; your input is much welcomed as well. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to join the military at this point and time. Its something I always thought about when I was younger but I simply never made the time or the commitment. Now with a 6 month old its just not reasonable. I find myself kicking my own arse every time I think about what a MP credential might have done for me.

    Perhaps I should have been a little more specific in my original post (not that I am unthankful for the advise guys and gals). I'm looking for something which will show a commitment to helping those in the community at large. Any other thoughts?
  7. danf_fl

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    Hospitals are always looking for volunteers.
  8. JonM

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    the us army military police is a good start. i discovered after i got out of the army with working for a few police depts i didnt care for certain political aspects. but anyway police depts are more willing to hire former MP since they arent having to fully train you.

    first responder will help as will emt. you may discover other interest in related fields as you go thru the training.

    the army is the only branch that guarantees duty assignment for enlisted personal.

    thats been my experience others may have different opinions.
  9. BigByrd47119

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    Thanks for all the help everyone.

    It appears as if I will continue to investigate the EMT angle and if everything works out alright once I get to MI, I will likely pursue it with fervor.

    The nice thing about this is that if I volunteer in a hospital, I could likely volunteer at the same location that I will be doing my "practical" portion of my EMT-B.

    As a side note I will likely do some DNR work anyways. The little research I have done into whats available in the area I will be living looks promising with large numbers of people who turn out every other week or so.

    Once again thanks for everyones advise! I knew there was a reason why I lurk around here. :D