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  1. Shon8066

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    Hello to all,

    I am in processing of getting a new side arm I was leaning towards the Beretta in 40 cal, a mimic of the M9 that I have carried when I was active do they have the same issue of the loose slide? I was advise to look at the SW 910 instead. Any thoughts out there??
  2. danf_fl

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    What are your plans? Self defense, target, competition?
    If you are used to the M9, I would look to stay with the same platform.

  3. Shon8066

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    Mostly Range and HDW. Wife is still active duty so she would be used to the platform already but was thinking of a bit bit more firepower with the 40. Some say it fires like a hot 9mm with the punch of the 45
  4. NGIB

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    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the .40 S&W (yes I do own 2 of them). I'd recommend staying with a 9mm or .45 ACP. Nothing wrong with the Beretta platform but they are big guns...
  5. Missileman

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    Ditto here--I have several .40s but they are the last gun I grab to take to the range, and I will probably never buy another. Just personal preference, but the recoil sensation, although not painful or overly punishing, is uncomfortable (probably "annoying" is a good term to use) to me. If getting an M9 I would stay with the 9mm--that's the round is was designed and engineered for, or go for a different platform in a .45 ACP, which would be my first choice.
  6. ScottA

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    Personally, I like the .40. Good punch and I've never had a problem with the recoil. Even on those occasions where my finger gets going faster than my brain, the recoil is such that I can still keep a good group.

    I would recommend you check out other pistols besides the Beretta. I never thought the Beretta was very ergonomic. There are several others that are just as reliable, and I have found feel much better. That Beretta grip is just uncomfortable.

    Check out S&W, Springfield, Glock (ugh), and take your pick.
  7. CA357

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    My suggestion is to keep it simple. Go with what you know and what you're already comfortable with. Get the Beretta in 9mm. Load it with serious hollowpoints like federal HST's or something similar and you're good to go.

    Personally, I just don't care for the .40 caliber. I think it's too snappy for what it is and it makes for lousy target reacquisition. If you're looking for more punch, I suggest going to .45 ACP.

    Maybe you can find a Beretta or Stoeger Cougar 8045. They are Beretta's (the Stoeger is really a Beretta in all but name) a manufacturer you're familiar with and the .45 gives you the extra punch you're looking for.

    I had a Beretta Cougar 8045 and it was a good pistol. I wouldn't have any problem with it as a home or self defense pistol in the least.

    Other options would be to a look at the S&W M&P series or Springfield XD series in .45ACP.

    I didn't mention the 1911 although it's my favorite pistol. They are in their own classification and it doesn't sound like one is on your radar at this time. However, you owe it to yourself to check them out at some point. ;)
  8. Mark F

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    Enough said.
  9. pioneer461

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    I am a HUGE fan of the .40S&W. I carried it for years on duty, beginning as soon as I could get my hands on one when they were first developed in the late 80's. In the shootings I've investigated involving .40's, I've seen outstanding performance and penetration with proper ammo.

    There has been much progress in ammunition design in the past few years, so if you choose hollow point bullets, make sure they are of current design to reliably expand after passing through common barriers. Not all of them do. I presently carry the new Hornaday Critical Defense loads in .40 S&W. When I carry one of my .45's I carry Federal's EFMJ in 200 gr. +P. (I bought the EFMJ when they were only selling it online in bulk and I still have a bunch left.) Both types have expanded each and every time in my own unscientific tests.

    If you and spouse are both familiar and comfortable with the Beretta platform, why not stick with it? Beretta does make other platforms however. No matter what platform you choose, practice, practice, practice.

  10. Don Davis

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    You pick the caliber you want - 9mm / .40 /.45

    They are all great.

    I'd suggest you look at 2 other weapons other than the 92.F style (92F's are great guns too)

    1st the Beretta PX4


    and 2nd the Sig Sauer Pro P2022


    They are both excellant gun's and in the same price range at the one you're looking at. $450 to $500 around here.

  11. Jpyle

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    I assume you are referring to the 96 and not the Px4, if so take a look at the CZ 75 as an alternative. Has a very similar look and feel to the Beretta, a great reputation and is a little easier on the wallet. I have the M9 in standard 9mm and the recoil is not even noticable, size and weight of the 9X platform may help to tame the snappiness of the .40 S&W. I do have an XD 40 and it is a tad snappy but manageable. Like anything else, you need to practice and work out the kinks.
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  12. sweeper22

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    Because I'm a CZ honk, I'll go ahead and second that. They're too heavy for carry, but are great for range and HD. They're also a great value IMO. Available in 9mm and 40sw, I think it's worth a test drive if you haven't yet experienced one.
  13. DrumJunkie

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    A 40 is a good round but it is not like a 9mm or a 45 ACP...Not really. It's a high pressure round like a 9mm is but it's moving a bit faster. REcoil wise they don't seem bad (to me) but it is a snappier recoil than a 9mm. Not really harder, but snappier.

    When it comes down to it any of the three make for a good SD round. It will have much more to do with how you can use any of these rounds. Personally I like a 45 ACP but will carry a 40 from time to time. I seem to shoot 45's a little better than the others so I stay mainly with them.

    If it was me and I'm loking around and have not shot a whole lot of different handguns then I'd find a way to do just that. I would want to get my hands on as many different type as possible and put a little lead down range. There are tons of quality handguns out there. The one that gives that lovin' feelin' might be different for five different people. So it's best to look around.
  14. gatopardo

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    9mm or .45 acp

    9mm or 40 s&w are OK, just don't get a diminutive gun, they are marginal.
    And remember guys, the s&w was designed for FBI use, and look at the flat nose is designed to stop and drop a subject.

    Also make sure the barrel is no less than 3", for efficiency, short arms like revolvers, use longer shells to make up for the short barrel.

    A small keltec pf9 for personal protection is good, and Don Davis, I think berettas are the most beautiful pistols, but they are not too small for real concealment, if they were cars they would be jaguars.
    Here a Keltec PF9 with night sights from, nothing fancy nid you, but in a hurry, it can save your life.
  15. Shon8066

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    To Everyone Thanks

    Well we ended up not with one but 2 sidearms she was so after the M9 it wasn't funny so we got that and I picked up a Ruger P95 not the most high end but it fits well in my hands and since it is a PDW/HDW it was a good choice for the house.

    Now I have a new issue and maybe someone out there will have a direction I can go with.. I have a Norinco SKS (I know no rashing please) I use it as a plinker mostly if I need to hunt or really shoot I use my Winchester M70 for that. Okay back to the issue here what is the most accurate ammo to use for it I have shot wolf and well I get ok groups but not great (shooting at 100 yards) and I tried the Winchester WB and well it seemed they went everywhere but the target ha ha, I even bought some Egyptian 7.62x39 okay I learned from that never again.

    Just looking for some ammo that will be constant to a 100 yards with a good MOA on it.

    I just play with the "Beast" (as the wife calls it) but want to feel a little pride at the range..LOL
  16. jca1

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    If you can keep rounds in a 8" circle at 100 yards with a SKS be happy with that.
  17. Shon8066

    Shon8066 New Member

    A little better then that

    I got it down to about 5 inch I know the SKS will never be a tack driver but I was hoping or praying for about a 3" group is that possible?
  18. nate

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    I dont think my Ruger SR40 is anymore "snappy" than any 9mm I'v ever shot.