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In Celebration of the New Pope!

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The new Pope, Francis, is from Argentina. That clinches it. I have been thinking of getting an 1891 Argentine Mauser for a while now. It must be a sign. Now in celebration of the new Pope I am definitely going to buy an 1891 7.65x53 Argentine Mauser and the dies to reload for it; as soon as I can find one , that it.
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Cotton better hurry. The Catholics are big supporters of Obama. Humm!! those old 91' Mausers were assault weapons weren't they?;):D
Have a nice day Cotton.
The Catholics are not big supporters of Obama. They have a small war going on right now about Obamacare mandates. The Mexicans who are mostly Catholic supported Obama because of promises of amnesty and citizenship despite opposition to Obama policies from the church..
Im very interested in how this Pope will handle things.
Prophecy says he will usher in destruction.
and this has gone too far into a religous-political discussion outside the appropriate subforum.

mausers are great guns btw.
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