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    Found this in a magazine. Game animals see the glow of UV and short blue wavelengths of light thousands of times brighter than humans.To explain it, deer can see clothing that has been washed with a color brightening detergent almost as if they were a pair of headlamps heading towards them. I have never had any problems with this in the woods. I hang my shirt and camo pants out on the line for a day or two before i go hunting.That's a must do for me. Rain or shine. The sent of human must be gone to go hunting in the woods where human sent is not present.
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    I just wonder how the human race made it for thousands of years before all this new high tech camo,scent killer,etc.crap came along.

    If you are out stalking your game,then I can see where you need to try and conceal your outline and scent,but I have hunted most of my life with friends and family,and have never had to buy any of the crap sold for the masses at the outdoor shops.
    I'd like to have the money that Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops make in a day selling this stuff!

    When hunting any game,Movement,Noise,and the Wind are your biggest enemies.
    It's usually warm here in Texas when Deer season starts,and I have hunted in bluejeans and t-shirts most of my life.It hasn't stopped me from harvesting any game.

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    Jeans and a Tshirt here- except for opening day- where I bathe in pure spring water after breaking the ice on the spring, and hunt nekkid. :p

    IMHO, deer tend to respond to MOVEMENT and NOISE. There have been a lot of young hunters that get their first deer by sitting leaning against a tree, doze off, and wake to find a buck within 10 yards, checking them out. They were not moving.

    While techniques vary from place to place, what I have found that works for me here- find a spot where I have trees or high thickets behind me- so I am not skylighted. Skip the aftershave and shampoo before hunting. I carry a lighweight folding chair, and about 10 ft of 4 ft wide camo pattern cheesecloth, with 550 cord tied to the corners. Plant my chair, and about 3 feet in front of me, run the cheesecloth from the ground to chest high. I can sit, move my feet and legs without it being seen. Butt does not freeze to the ground, I am high enuff to see, and seated, with a shooting stick, I am MUCH better at 300 yards than standing offhand.

    Your mileage may vary. Oh- gotta keep blood sugar up. Usually keep an apple in my jacket. That's what those peelings on the ground are, Mr. Game Warden. :rolleyes:
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    Don't kid yourselves, a deer's sense of smell is a hundred time greater than a humans. When hunting with a firearm you can get away with just hunting the wind but when hunting with archery equipment you have to get the deer within 25 yards.

    Washing your clothes in no-scent detergent and your body in no-scent soap is essential to gain the upper hand when hunting large mammals. Not wearing you hunting boots to the gas station and your hunting clothes to the restaurant for a good breakfast of bacon and eggs is also essential for continues success. These smells are not indigenous to the forest's aroma.

    When your in their environment and you stink, they know your there. Reaching out and touching a whitetail at a hundred yards is not a testimonial for not using proper scent eliminating techniques.
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    I hunt with some guys who smoke on thier runs and were the same clothes all week. Me I wash my clothes in those sent free and brightner free detergents. When I get in from the hunt I place my hunting clothes in a big rubber maid container with hemlock bows in an old nilon stocking. Not to brag but they wonder why I usualy fill tags see wolves and cyotes and other animals. I tell them but they don't seem to get the message. I figure anything that will give me an edge and is not to expencive is worth a try I have nothing to loose and everything to gain.
    I figure that to the deer I smell 200 yards away rather than 20 yards away and not a hazard to them. Of coarse you don't want to be fidgety on your stand either.