In 1932 the Congress met to discuss Gun Control.

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    Some of the Congressmen were very pro-gun, but not surprisingly many were very anti-gun. After reading the minutes of the meeting a few years ago it seems to of leaned Democrats = 40% anti to 60% Pro, and Republicans were about 50% anti to 50% Pro.

    Many schemes of how to take the American citizens guns from them were discussed and debated. Some of the ways that the Congress was debating were militarizing all private weapons and requiring them to be turned into the nearest military post. Them not turned in would be confiscated from a door-to-door search by LEA’S and Military personnel.

    This was quickly shot down by the Attorney General as un-Constitutional. Another Congressman suggested that all handguns be made illegal and mandatory prison for not turning them in. Again this was shot down by the Attorney General as un-Constitutional. One Congressman took the floor to state that; “there was nothing worse then a Ni_ _ er with a handgun and a bottle of whisky on a train full of white people. Unfortunately some in Congress agreed with him. But not the Attorney General, who quickly squelched the idea of a handgun ban for all Americans, not just the Black people.

    Almost every idea was presented and everyone was shot down as un-Constitutional. So they settled on a tax stamp for all full auto weapons. Each full Auto weapon had to be registered and a tax stamp issued for them to remain legal to buy, sell, and own by the American Citizen. However the window for registering your private full auto weapon was very small time frame and many people were not notified about the change in law.

    Some feathers flew and a lot of complaints later they extended the registration and posted notice to everyone they could reach. Now many people would say well this is not a ban on buying, selling, and owning full auto weapons. In essence they are right but the BATF would not issue a tax stamp for any full auto weapon until a law suite from someone in California in the 1980’s. Then they did so with limited approval and many hoops to jump through just to own something that is your right to own.

    Just a tidbit of History about ownership of full auto weapons and gun control. OH yes before I forget the examples I listed above were real and were presented by Republicans and not Democrats. And no I don’t have the link to the minutes of the meeting any more.

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    republicans and democrats are not the same as they are today with few exceptions. even back so far as only 20 years ago the democratic party was a lot different than today's makeup it is edging more and more to totalitarianism and socialism than ever before. the long standing republican party used to be a lot more liberal than it is now whle the dems are sliding more toward totalitarianism as evidenced by morons like pelosi reed and obama/biden. the republicans are edging more towards the founding fathers and freedom as the tea party conservatives take more offices.

    there was a lot of backdoor racism and the tax stamp was a means of keeping guns out of the hands of black people much the same way as poll taxes. if machine gun ban repeal is a fight to take up it should be taken up on the basis of its racist origin.