IMR 8208 XBR Powder

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    Great new powder for use in the .223 and others. I have used it just in the .223 and with 69 Grn match ammo, have got into the .9" groups (5 @ 100 Yds) with my Mini 14 tactical. It was an old benchrest powder, brought back.
    It's some darn good powder, worth giving a try.
    They say it's great in the 22-250 and light .308 loads.
    Buy a pound and give it a try, it just may become your favorite accuracy powder. It has become mine for match loads in the .223/5.56.
    Tests have shown very low spread in FPS between shots in carefully loaded ammo, I'm talking 5, 6 to 14 FPS in a 5 shot string, most
    being on the lower side. A lot of sub MOA 100 yd groups in accurized AR's, many in the .05" to .06" range, a few even less.
    John K
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    I bought some 8208 XBR to use in my .308. I haven't tried it yet, as I am waiting for a new stock to arrive. I loaded some .223 ammo today, using Hornady 80 gr A-MAX. I will head to the range when the sun comes up this morning to try these out with my T3 Tikka Varmint rifle. This is a 1-8 twist 24" barrel.