Improving the Accuracy of a Factory Rifle

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Dillinger, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Since most rifles will shoot better than I do, straight out of the box, my best way of shooting more accurately is to shoot more often.
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    I have heard it many times, how folks want a super accurate rifle..........and they don't reload.

    Yeah, some mods can help..........but no guarantee the effects will be seen (due to lack of ammo affinity).

    Have bedded actions. Am lazy anymore. Just trigger job, free float and if in some Tupperware, stiffen the forend. Shoot and see how it does. If good, stop there.

    Used to get .5" from sporters, at 100 yds. Handloads. Killed chucks fine, thought it good enough.
  4. Humpy

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    When I worked for the Army Small Cal Lab we had a guy in the lab whose specialty was sniper rifle systems. His name was Bob Snodgrass and he just passed a few months ago and he had a saying that I have found to be the best one yet.

    Basically he said when you buy a new rifle you have bought a kit and if know how to rework the factory parts it's ability to produce smaller groups will likely occur.

    CIP when I was at FLETC the Border Patrol Weapons guy got in I think it was five new Rem 700 Varmint weight 308s. He went out and shot each with Fed Match 308 and came back and tore them down and set barrels back to min headspace, recrowned muzzles, adjusted triggers, lapped lugs, squared receiver rings and bedded them and reshot them with same ammo.
    All but one had their groups reduced about 40%.
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    Well said. Repetition is key!
  6. Wambli

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    Train yourself to flinch in exactly the same way/direction with every shot! :D
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    ^ Absolutely. All fairly good steps toward increased accuracy.

    Had a Remington 700 .243 with heavy 26" barrel, years ago. Had a great barrel and lapping done; had a Jewell trigger professionally installed and tuned; and had a stellar custom stock made, with proper free-floating and bedding.

    Result? Trigger-break was perfect, and fairly light. Everything was smoothed up and tight. Original accuracy was >1" @ 300yds and raggedy holes (if I was lucky) @ 100yds.

    After the tweaks, accuracy was such that nearly 1/2" to 3/4" groups @ 300yds were common. Wasn't much of a marksman, back then. But clearly the rifle could do it. With "match" grade ammunition, a large cloverleaf hole @ 100yds was typical. Even for me.

    Never did do reloading, so never did get into the game of crafting perfectly matched cartridges that were tuned to my own rifle. I'm sure accuracy would have improved noticeably, had I done that. But it was to the point where I couldn't see the need.

    Trigger. Bedding. Lapping. "Match" grade ammo that's balanced, weighed, aligned. Can make a world of difference.
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    This image is from about three years ago, when I had to change powders because of a national shortage - ie. there was no powder of choice, so I had to find a new one pretty quick.

    Ignore where the three shots landed reference the target, just pay attention to the group size.


    At the time of taking the pic, the rifle was exactly thirty-four years old, and had had 8800 shots down the barrel. It is a 1986 Krico 650S in .308Win, and it has an action bedded in I know not what, but it surely do shoot.

    Until I find an affordable rifle that shoots like that every time I squeeze the trigger, I'm sticking with this one.

    For those interested, the load is 44gr of H4064, 155gr Lapua Scenar FMJ bullets, Lapua cases, CCI #200 LRP and a deal of care.
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