Improvements to .22 LR ammo?

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    I know many of us own multiple firearms beyond the beloved .22LR, but with the economy still in a unstable state and new tactical guns coming out in .22 calibur I would think the .22 bullet would see some new innovations? Or is this a case of...."If it ain't broke.....don't fix it." :cool:
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    The 22lr has been through tougher times than this. What could be done to "improve" it?
    Larger, faster?---22mag
    smaller,faster?--17 mach2, 17 HMR
    Centerfire, reloadable and faster---FN 5.7 , 22 hornet
    Cheaper----don't know if thats possible.
    Jacketed or "super bullets"---would you pay $20 for 20 super improved jacketed rounds? Cant get much more accurate than Tenex, for $15per 50. I doubt the new super bullet will bring down rhino, so where is the advantage to change?
    You change the dimensions or ignition system you then have to change millions of rifles to work with the new, improved cartridge.

    I think after the nuclear fallout, the surviving rats will hunt the roaches with the 22lr. Everything else will be gone:rolleyes:
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    I shoot more .22 ammo than all other kinds put together. The problem with making quality .22 ammo is the speed by which it's loaded. The best way to get .22 ammo more consistent is to slow down the loading machines, and that's not feasible with profit. That's why match ammo cost so much. There's been different shape/stype/speed of bullets over the years but the most selling by far is the good ol regular loadings. It drives up the price when you have special loadings. It's pretty much a case of people wanting .22 ammo to be cheap, as opposed to perfect shooting.
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    Well, there is the new Winchester Cowboy .22lr's

    Better hollowpoints than I've seen in a long time :D
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