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    hey hows it going folks,

    essentially to make it short, ive just left the Marine Corp and im looking at contracting. I have some questions in relation to the weapon i would like to purchase. any help would be appreciated.

    1. I plan on staying 556, perhaps a ruger sr 556, or hk 556 in a DM configuration. I had a battle in my mind deciding between 762 and 556. did the pro con list and decided with 556. Im having a very hard time deciding on a scope. Im thinking perhaps a variable mag scope, good up to 600 m. I know with quality rounds and if im not mistaken, 1-7 rotation this should be well within my range with 556 (please feel free to correct me if im wrong, my goal is to inform myself nothing else) now, i used an acog scope in iraq wich could be used in a reflex capacity but also provided magnification, VERY reliable, took one hell of a licking and kept on ticking with no adjustments needed. im looking for something of a similar nature with enhanced magnification, plus a decent reflex capacity, essentially so the weapon can be used from close to medium range with no issues. This is very important.

    2. Seeing my choice of weapons, if there are any other suggestions. Im looking for 556 compatible, rugged reliable, capable of close to medium (3-600 meters).

    my email is, please feel free to contact me on this, please, dont hesitate with advice pile it on. the better informed that i am, well, lives are depending on it, literrally.

    3. also, im looking for ammunition that is capable of stretching the distance of 556 as well as providing good stopping power. in iraq, the traditional round was perhaps a little less than good enough. im looking for stopping power and range. hollow point, tap rounds? hit me.


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    Go with Ruger...I own several Ruger firearms and none of them have let me down...Thats better than my Govt Issued Colt....You cannot use Hollow Points....Black Hills offer a great 5.56 round, I would go with them...I was under the impression that the contrators supplyed you with weapons and Ammo, or at least Ammo...I would check and make sure, that way your Longarm will prbly have a select fire option and not just semi auto....As far as your sights go...Get an Acog with a Doc Optic sight on top....Recommened from exp...Hope this helps