Impending Component Shortage?!

Discussion in 'Ohio Gun Forum' started by Reshoot, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Reshoot

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    Here we go again! Just received an email, from Graf & Sons, stating conponents (powder, primers, etc.) are going to become hard to get this election year . . . just like '08. Give me a break!

    What do you think of all this? Hoarding? Gouging? Surely not political?!
  2. Thomas Carey

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    My father thinks it's to increase the prices of the components and that it's a manufactured if you will shortage. My father believes it's so much cheaper now to reload that it's taking away from sales of loaded ammo. The companies are creating a shortage to narrow the price gap. Personally I think it may be due to demand as right now at the shows we are selling at. The crowds are huge and people seem to be buying items which they feel may not be out there after an Obama re election.

  3. LubeckTech

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    Firearm sales are up and the situation we had in 08 might repeat were Obama to be re-elected. A second term for Obama would leave him open to push hard on anti-gun policies since he would not have to worry about re-election. If we can make gains in the house and senate we can probably keep him in line. The last time there was a "drought" stuff (mainly primers) was in short supply but not impossible to find just difficult and expensive. Bottom line is forewarned is fore armed so don't get caught with your pants down. Basically anticipate your needs and try to have a "buffer" supply. No need to hoard but I think it prudent to try to stay 1,000 to 2,000 primers ahead if possible. I shoot matches most weekends of the season and was able to keep shooting during the last shortage but it was not easy. We need to take warnings from companies like Grafs and other suppliers with the proverbial "grain of salt" as there is a conflict of interest where they are concerned in the matter. It is very easy for speculation in this case to become self full filling prophecy.
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