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    Remember this dropkick?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj4yUpR1PB0]YouTube - DEA Agent Shoots Himself[/ame]

    Britain has it's own homegrown version:

    Police firearms teacher who shot civilian with Magnum in classroom had 'failed instructor course'

    By Stephen Wright
    Last updated at 1:08 AM on 25th September 2009

    Gunned down: Civilian recruit Keith Tilbury was shot at point blank range and had to have life-saving surgery on his bowel and kidney

    A police force was yesterday fined £40,000 after an employee was shot by a colleague during a bungled weapons awareness course.

    Keith Tilbury, 57, nearly died when firearms instructor PC David Micklethwaite, 52, accidentally opened fire with a ‘Dirty Harry’-style .44 Magnum revolver.

    The near-fatal bullet tore through civilian 999 call handler Mr Tilbury and his chair, lodging in the seat behind.

    It was one of 22 live bullets kept loose among blanks in a Quality Street sweet tin.

    Southwark Crown Court in London heard that two years prior to the shooting, PC Micklethwaite had failed a Metropolitan Police firearms instructor’s course because of range and weapons safety issues.

    Claiming he was never told, he was allowed to continue working.

    Yesterday, after pleading guilty to Health and Safety offences, Thames Valley Police and PC Micklethwaite were ordered to pay a total of £81,000.

    In addition to the £40,000 fine, Thames Valley Police was ordered to pay £25,000 towards prosecution costs for the systemic failures which allowed the incident to happen.

    PC Micklethwaite was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay £8,000 in costs.

    Legal sources said Mr Tilbury, who spent 22 days in hospital after the May 2007 shooting, is in line for a sixfigure compensation payout from his force, which has admitted liability.

    An out-of-court settlement of more than £150,000 is expected in the next month.

    The victim, a one-time county shooting champion, had life-saving surgery on his bowel and kidney. He did not regain consciousness for 12 days and never returned to work.

    Ammunition kept in this sweet tin was fired from the Magnum

    In a prosecution brought by the Health and Safety Executive, both PC Micklethwaite and Thames Valley Police admitted their culpability over the incident, which happened in a classroom at police headquarters in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

    Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith who heard the Quality Street tin was on a shelf at the police armoury in Milton Keynes, said: ‘The tin has been described by Mr Micklethwaite’s counsel as a disaster waiting to happen. I agree with that description.’

    PC Micklethwaite had been demonstrating the difference between a pistol and a revolver and selected ammunition from the tin thinking it contained only blanks.

    However, he also chose a live bullet which he fired across the room.

    Other students remembered Mr Tilbury beginning to rise from his chair before a loud flash and a bang, followed by the critically wounded police worker sinking down.

    PC Micklethwaite began emergency first aid, while calling for help.

    At a hearing on Friday last week the judge heard how PC Micklethwaite, one of 12 Thames Valley Police firearms instructors, was asked at short notice to lead the civilian course.

    The night before he visited the armoury at the Milton Keynes police range and found the sweet tin which he assumed contained dummy rounds.

    PC Micklethwaite, now working for the police in the coroner’s office, apologised for the incident at his last court appearance.

    Mr Tilbury, who lives with wife Jill in East Surrey, said: ‘I am pleased that by pleading guilty, he has acknowledged the mistakes he made.’

    Police firearms teacher who shot civilian with Magnum in classroom had 'failed instructor course' | Mail Online

    Damn the poor guy was very lucky to survive! Mind-boggling inepitude :eek:
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    Maybe you Auzi's shouldn't have firearms:confused: The police department keeps ammo in the candy tin and the instructor can't tell the difference between a blank and a live round:eek:

    WTF! Move to the States!

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    Well I hope that this type of sh*t would never go down here, WDB. (hint: it's in the UK, dude! :D)

    Ordinary British police (outside the SWAT squads etc) are not armed whereas all our cops on the beat are. Maybe that sheer lack of firearms familiarity doesn't help? He was just a PC after all.

    But this is truly a level of blatant stupidity that simple ignorance could not explain...and the regional authorities have gotta take some responsibity IMO, since this guy failed a Metropolitan Police firearms instructor’s course because of range and weapons safety issues. I mean bloody hell man! :eek:
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    This kind of SH!T does not just take place in the UK. In the USA ever year 3-4 cops if not more are killed by "accidental shootings". I saw one a few years back about a new Police recruit being shot in the academy firearms training class. the "instructor" pointed a handgun at her that he believed he had cleared. He pulled the trigger and BANG sh was shot in the chest and died. Under half a year on as a cop and she was killed by her own. What were happened to (don't point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy) one of the 4 firearms safety rules.
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    More importantly, what hell were blanks and life rounds doing unmarked in the same container? And as for proper ammunition storage, having a bunch of mixed rounds rolling around in a candy tin? There are so many WTF's going on in this story its hard to know where to start.