I'm PISSED!!!!!!!

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  1. stalkingbear

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    It seems that not only has someone in england gained access to my bankcard # & racked up a BUNCH of charges, they also seem to have my name,address,& phone # to open more bank accts in my name! The bank & fbi called me along with 1 of the stores that 3 cards in my name racked up almost 2K in charges. I'm in the middle of getting it straightened out but it's a painful, slowwww process. What I'd REALLY like is at least 1/2 hour inside a locked room with them!
  2. paganwolf

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    Damn!! That sux. Hope you get it all straightened out and that there are no lasting effects on your credit. A$$wipes like that need to be hung by the balls!!

  3. Shotgun Shooter

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    That sucks. I was recently scammed out of $150. But $2k? That sucksss. Hope you get it worked out.

  4. skullcrusher

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    That sucks, bear. A few months ago, someone on the left coast got ahold of my wife's debit card # and charged almost $400.00 to a store out there. She keeps an eye on stuff, so she caught it and stopped any more charges. We got our money back, but it still sucks.

    I hope they catch the bloody theif and turn them over to you. It won't solve anything, just make you feel better and send a message to other slimebags out there.
  5. UnderFire

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    I feel for ya'...
    a few month's ago I received a monthly statement from one of my credit cards and found an extra $1600 worth of charges. I call up the cc bank to find out that the charges were all internet purchases. I had to go through the long process of refusing the charges. Eventually my account was cleared of the charges, it was a pain what I had to go through to clear my account.
    The daily calls to & from the cc bank were aggravating enough. According to my cc bank the charges were under $500 and were days apart so it didn't set off any alarms. The cc bank ended up creating a new account for me with new account number & cards.

    Hope you get it all worked out soon. ;)
  6. ktmboyz

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    Holy s--t that sucks!! Hope it all gets straightened out for ya, that's one of my worst fear is identity theft. Its not like someone stealing from you local and you can get the satisfaction of going over and knocking their teeth out.
  7. JoshX3Magazine

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    Man I'm sorry...something like this happened to me once and thank God it wasn't as serious as what you are going through, but it was a massive eye-opener. Hate to hear you're dealing with something so horrible.

    Hope everything works out for the best...as best it can be anyway.

    My best advice to everyone is to hook up with someone like Identity Guard ... I know I did and it's a great way to monitor your credit, your risks and that sort of thing.

  8. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I figured that since I thought my credit sucked, that I was immune to it but I was wrong. Who knows, maybe they improved my credit score?:rolleyes:
  9. Bigguns911

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    What a Bit*, The thing I hate the most with all of this stuff is the as*holes are very hard if not impossible to find and charge. Some departments have full time officers working on just this kind of stuff. Most of the time small departments do not have the ability, knowledge or resources to take care of this stuff. They forward the info to the locale FBI and the FBI does what they do with it. Along with ID guard it is a good idea to run a credit report on your self at lest one time in a year. Also check with you back and make sure you have some kind of insurance to cover such things. Good luck with all the and god help the suckas* if you find him/her.
  10. CA357

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    I think you'd only need ten minutes with them, if that. ;) Best of luck Bear.

    I got burned for around eight grand about five years ago. We got it sorted out, but it sucks.
  11. JohnnyLoco

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    Its getting bad out there for sure. These cats have found that putting a gun in your face gets you jailed and robbing you this way gets them a slap on the wrist if they even get caught.

    I had something like that happen with my credit cards because those "Slum Dogs" in India that our American companies hire for telephone support are screwing us.

    I've went old school with my finances and I don't use debit cards.

    I opened an account with ATM only seperate from my checking with only a few grand in it (what I'm willing to lose)

    I now pay money orders for my bills and if the tech support is out of the country, I don't do business.

    I even watch my checking as I wrote a fella a check for $700 for some back-hoe work and my bank cashed it for $2700 and he didn't alter the check.
  12. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    You gotta watch money orders as well. there are tons of fake ones out there. Then when you use it you still have to pay for it.

    There is no need to go all 15th centruy on this.

    You just have to make sure what your doing and where. You are at a higher risk by using an ATM machine than by buying something over the internet. The ATM Machines do not transmit any data encrypted. Pay attention to where you are buying from and who you are dealing with. If the retailer on the internet doesn't use encryption then don't buy from them.

    Watch what you put in the trash as well. That is still one of the best ways to get your CC and personal data. Shredders are your friend. spend the money and get a cross cut and one that almost grinds the paper into pulp. the smaller the piece the harder it is to put back together.

    I don't mail out any bills I pay mine all threw the banks web site. The government takes enough money from me I am not going to give them any more of my money in that racket they call the USPS. You think people in the USPS don't steal cc bills and any number of things. Two years in a row someone in the Richmond Post Office stole my kids Christmas presents from their grand parents. From then on we use fed ex or UPS.

    One of the new things is to get your card when you pay for say breakfast and act like they swipe it then they say oh something happened and they then swipe it again and don't hand it back to you. This is how they got my dads ATM card. This is just like CCW always be on alert.
  13. user4

    user4 New Member

    Damn, that is harsh. Been there. Not at that level, but certainly had to stand by while someone jacked my bank account. My name is still red flagged with "fraud" because of that BS.
  14. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    That more than sucks! :mad:

    Have any idea how this might have happened?
  15. fisher77

    fisher77 New Member

    You've got to really watch out for those bastards. Happens every day. Has'nt ever happened to me, but several people I know have had it happen to them. Good luck to you.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Damn Bear sorry to hear that. I hope you are able to get everything squared away.

  17. Jo da Plumbr

    Jo da Plumbr New Member

    Sorry to hear that Bear.

    I think if they were able to open new accounts that means they have your SS# also. This may not go away for quite a while. Me, I shred all the mail I get that has anything, even my name on it.
  18. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    That Sucks Bear - I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can work with your bank and CC companies to work this out.

    One thing we did in our house is get Lifelock. It costs $99/year - but the advantages are worth way more than that to me.

    I hate to go to a store and shop for things. Absolutely hate it. So, birthdays, Christmas, all that stuff is done on line. I can't tell you how great it has been to have protection for all those purchases.

    In about 4 years of using the service, I have only ever had two issues. One, someone jacked my number from a site I had never ordered from before and tried to make purchases of the same damn item I ordered ( in bulk ) from another site. That was caught instantly and was forwarded to the police.

    The other was when I went on a cruise in Mexico and forgot to tell the card company. I was trying to make a purchase, in Puerto Varrarta, and they kept denying the purchase....LOL That was kind of infuriating, but that area of the world is known for a ton of fraud, so once I got it straightened out, I was thankful for the protection....

  19. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    I'm sorry to hear about that. I've always wondered if I should look into some type of ID protection. I have good credit and I have worked hard to make sure I do. If some hacker stole that from me I would be furious!
    I hope you can get it all worked out. Good luck!
  20. Chris@fidelisarms

    Chris@fidelisarms New Member

    Before getting into the firearms industry I worked for a large bank in the Identity Theft Unit. I would like to offer some advice. I hope your bank has made many if not all these suggestions to you already.

    Keep in mind these steps will not garuntee you are fraud free. There is no silver bullet. The goal is to make it such a pain for the criminal to commit fraud against you that they move on. Groups like lifelock and other companies offer valuable services to victims and should also be looked into.

    Step 1. Contact any of the three credit agencies to get a 90 day alert. This will ensure that if anyone applies for anything in your name you will be contacted. It is a free service and there are two other types of alerts. An extended alert lasts for 7 years and a police report must be mailed to all three groups. A freeze disables credit qualification to your ssn until you contact them and remove it.
    Equifax 800-685-1111 / Experian 888-397-3742 / TransUnionCorp 800-680-7289
    if these numbers do not direct you to the correct area do a search for credit agency fraud numbers.

    Step 2. Contact Chexsystems at 888.478.6536 or go to there site at: https://www.consumerdebit.com/consumerinfo/us/en/chexsystems/theftaffidavit/index.htm. Place a five year alert with them. This will ensure if someone opens a bank account in your name (which will NOT show up on your credit report) you will be contacted.

    Step 3. Password all your accounts. Credit card, loan, retirement, cds, checking/savings, even your phone company. Call them all and ask that they place a verbal password on your account. If your password is "peanut" they will ask you for it every time you call. If you do not repond "peanut" they cannot assit you, period. The phone company is very important. The criminal can call your phone co. stating they are moving, travelling, whatever. They can have calls forwarded to there cell, then when the alerts kick in they validate the new accounts and you never know it happened.

    Step 4. Contact Opt out and ask them to disable pre-approved marketing. This will get rid of those "you have been pre-approved" offers you get in the mail. It will also ensure the criminal does not recieve these through your mailbox or the fraud address being used.

    Step 5. File an ID Theft Complaint with the FTC. You can do this by calling them at 877-438-4338 or there website: Federal Trade Commission .

    Step 6. Pull your credit report and review it from all three agencies. You can do this for free once a year at www.annualcreditreport.com. Make sure you print each one as you view it as it will only allow you to view them ONCE a year.

    Step 7. Contact any companies that have applications or inquiries on your reports that you did not authorize. You will be asking them to file a fraud claim on the account. They will send you an affidavit and make sure the debt does not report to you while being investigated.

    Helpful website: Deter. Detect. Defend. Avoid ID Theft

    FTC 24 hour free id theft support: 877-438-4338

    These steps have been written by my hand from memory and are subject to any errors and typos I have made. All of these steps can be found or verified with web searches and on the FTC's website. These are all free services in place for victims of ID Theft. These criminals are professionals and do not like taking adverse risks when they can help it. Set up these safegaurds and it should help. I hope this information is helpful.
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