I'm new to muzzleloading guys

Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by lunchbox76, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. lunchbox76

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    I've become very interested in giving muzzleloader hunting a shot. I would like to purchase a very cheap weapon to start off with and upgrade at a later date if I decide I enjoy the experience. I do intend to just pick it up at the local Cabela's. I've been considering these options they offer.

    -T/C Impact $249.99
    -Tradition Canyon $129.88 (with case)
    -Traditions Buckstalker $199.99

    As a cheap gun to just try out muzzleloading for a season or two I find them hard to beat. I just want opinions and other options you all may of come across. Preferably under $250 with $300 being my absolute limit.
  2. HockaLouis

    HockaLouis New Member

    I think u r on the right track.

  3. c3shooter

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    FWIW, when everyone started looking for the newest in-line, #209 primer, pelleted pyrodex, saboted pistol bullet, a lot of traditional sidelock #11 cap rifles found their way to the used market. I paid $150for a TC Hawken, 50 cal, set triggers, does a WONDERFUL job with .50 cal Maxiballs. Shop around- check the internet auction sites (gunbroker, auctionarms, gunsamerica).
  4. W. C. Quantrill

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    If you have a blackpowder club in your area, it would be worth your while to join up and enjoy the fellowship and learn from the members. I started with a CVA Kentucky then to a CVA Big Bore .54 kit, then began building my own rifles in the 1970's. It is a sport that you will either like or not like, and if you do, it will begin to grow. I have 3 rifles on my bench right now getting stocked. They are 5/8 scale .38 cal. replicas of a full stock walnut Hawken, a Vincent, and a curly ash stocked Tennessee mountain rifle. These will go to my grandsons as soon as they are big enough to handle them, in about another year. Meanwhile, I intend to hunt with them, and I intend to blood them first.

    Apparently this sport grew on me as I now have over 50 rifles and shotguns. ha.
  5. Millwright

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    Where you located ? I've got a .54 cal TC cap lock that's already "blooded" along with ball, patches and sundries I'd part with for a reasonable price ! >MW
  6. kytowboater

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    I shoot a CVA magnum inline. Not pretty a pain in the azz to load the 209 primer. Fun though.
  7. fmj

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    I would counsel in the direction of the CVA Wolf. Its relatively inexpensive, highly accurate, a true meat and potatoes gun.

    You will want to look for a "break action" type gun. Being an inline/break action, it makes for easy cleaning/maintenance. This will be a key component to wether or not you stick with M/Ling or not. Its also easy to find sabots, powders and other supplies.

    Side locks, altho more "traditional" are a royal pain in the behind when it comes to cleaning/maintenance.
  8. mountainman13

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    If your looking for something a tad more traditional than an inline keep an eye out for a cabelas hawken. They are inexpensive and an exact copy of a t/c. It isn't that bad to clean. The barrel comes off easily you pour hot soapy water down the barrel and run a patch through it a few times. Run an alcohol soaked patch down it and oil it.