Im new to FFL, HELP!

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    I am brand new to purchasing a gun online...if someone could please walk me through the steps of purchasing a gun from an independent FFL dealer I would appreciate it. Im just looking to safe money because my shops price it a little to high for me. so please just take me through step one to end so I dont screw this up.

    thanks everyone,
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    Once you find a weapon you would like to purchase, you need to find a local FFL. Before buying the weapon call your local FFL to verify their fee and make sure they will do the transfer. Your local FFL usually has to fax a copy of their license to the FFL you are purchasing from. Once the seller verifies that your local FFL is valid they will then ship the weapon to them. You would go pick up your weapon at your local FFL and pay their fee. Depending on the FFL fees range from 10 dollars up to 50 dollars. Try to stay away from brick and mortar gun shops as they usually charge more on the transfer fee than a home based FFL or pawnbroker. If you go through they usually have a few FFL dealers on file that they will ship too or you could use their site to locate a FFL in your area.

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    You looking to buy full automatic weapons?
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    As a home based FFL. I would suggest finding a price online add shipping and the transfer fee. Thn ask the home based FFL you are looking to transfer with if he can get the same gun for around the same price.