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im new here

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i am going to buy a glock 19 in the next few months
i own a keltec p11 for small size and easey to carry on pocket holster.
but i want a glock to shoot daily, weekly etc.

i do have a ccp
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Welcome aboard! :cool:
Welcom to the forum.
thank you all

got to save some more but soon ill have it:)
welcome mark

..this forum is growing,every-day and is a good place to talk-guns
and they have a option to shoot the breeze as well,
thumbs up to the forum..:)
Welcome aboard
Welcome, I have a Keltec in 40 S&W. Not a very dependable firearm though. How is yours?
Welcome aboard, look around, don't be afraid of the crew.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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