I'm looking to put a scope on my ruger GSR.

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    I had been considering an aimpoint PRO mounted on the forward rail, but I think I would prefer a more traditionally mounted magnified optic.

    1. Price - 550 or less
    2. Use - Plinking and steel shooting from 25 yards, possibly out to 500. I have the space for it, and have always wanted to try some longer range shooting.
    3. Rifle - Ruger GSR (essentially 16 inch barrel hawkeye)
    4. Caliber - .308
    5. Variable or fixed power - Variable
    6. Any other requirements - I want it to fit with the stock ruger scope rings provided with the rifle, I would also prefer the "tactical" or target style turrets that can be zeroed. I don't really want any fancy reticle as long as it is clean. Some of the reticles with BDC and holdover points seem a little busy to me.

    I'm not really sure how much zoomage (that's the technical term) I need, my target is a 7"x11.8" steel torso, if that helps any.
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