I'm looking for a cheap & low-maintenance hunting and long-range hiking knife.

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by HotFudge, Sep 6, 2011.

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    I carried a kbar my 3 years in the military including a stint in afghan. I had friends that bought expensive knives and they all fell in love with the old kbar. I had the same one with leather handle that you posted except I hate a serrated edge so I stuck with the strait edge. I cannot possibly express the abuse this knife took. Including bored Rangers throwing it at trees. It stays sharp and is easily sharpened with a diamond stick when needed.


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    I run the short K-BAR (# 02 1256) for the backpacking trips and use it for everything. Great knife for me also inexpensive and no heart break if it gets lost or effed up. Dont care for the serrated edge either.

    Backpack Knife 002.jpg

    Savage Sheath for K-Bar 002.jpg
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    Would the clip point on the Survival Knife give me anything that the KA-BAR wouldn't? I'm looking for a reason better than "it looks better," to justify getting the Survival Knife.