Im in the market for a Beretta INOX 92FS...

Discussion in 'Beretta Forum' started by Stillersfan, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Stillersfan

    Stillersfan New Member

    Anyone have one that can tell me the pros and cons?? I not looing to carry this weapon just for HD and fun at the range.. Thank!
  2. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    Sorry i didnt see this earlier.

    Are you talking full size or compact??

    I will speak to the compact version as thats what i carry 3-4 days a week swapping out with a xdm compact 3.8 45acp.


    mag size. It can use the full size 20 round mecgars. The small 13 round is what i normally use with a big 20 in my pocket. 34 rounds in 2 mags.

    It can use the xdm owb holster that ship with the xdm 45's.

    Its got good da trigger. Nice crisp sa trigger.

    Grips are comfy for a compact allowing fast accurate shot placement.

    Good magazines from mecgar are common easy to get in 9mm.


    Its thick. Slim and 92fs of any sort are right out. This can make iwb or owb a small challenge if your in a no-print state.

    Thats my only complaint is its width. Other than that its a great ccw gun.

  3. Stillersfan

    Stillersfan New Member

    Thanks again Jon and sorry I missed your comment ... I have been looking for an INOX and some people have told me that you cant get them. I find that hard to believe since I had one in my hand a month and half ago and didnt pull the trigger. I could kick myself now. Anyway, the hunt continues. :D