Im almost there,Re doing my AR 15.

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  1. I originally purchase this rifle brand new from my local gun store. It is a DPMS A15 carbine. It was an a2 style rifle. Recently i decided i wanted to change some stuff so here is what i did. I got a CMMG mil spec a3 flat top, a UTG free float quad rail, troy industries muzzle brake, MFI riser CAA front grip and light mount, scorpion tac light, and a crappy BSA red dot that will soon be replaced. The gun is amazing it has never let me down in the 3 years i have had it,and with the new stuff done i hope to continue. I know it dosent compare with some of the AR's others have on the forum but it is what i can do with mine at the moment. Comments and questions are vary welcome. Please let me know what you guys think. Sorry for the clutter in the first pic it is the only pic i have on the gun before the mods.:D

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    Hey it works, that's what matters, HPD! Nice that you could swap out the A2 upper for A3/A4. And don't apologize for the RDS, just get a rear BUIS, cowitness and use the dot until it lets you down. The irons will let you know if that happens and it may never happen.

  3. Thanks for the post. I am planing on running a BUIS here soon as well as getting rid of the BSA. The optic is crap i am just running it in the time being. I dont like having a gun around that isn't read to be used. I am thinking of going with a Barska RD or a Bushnell holosight. I cant make up my mind on the two and both are in my price range.