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In an AP story today, the “big thinkers” are trying to understand why Steven Kazmierczak chose Cole Hall at NIU to commit mass murder. Cole Hall is apparently where Kazmierczak first blossomed into an “A” student, launching a bright academic career. The article also mentions that he was kicked out of the Army after only 5 months, was fired after two weeks as a prison guard and was in a mental institution for a year. The story goes on to describe the power drugs he was taking, as prescribed by a pshrink, more than once using the word “unknown” in describing side effects of taking them, and suddenly not taking them. NIU spokeswoman Melanie Magara said, "There was not a hint of trouble with this guy." (Hey Melanie, check with the Army, the loony bin and the prison. They might be able to give you a “hint.”)

This article surprisingly does not blame the guns. It goes to great length to say there are simply too many unknowns. The article does end, however, with the statement by Dr. Susan Lipkins, an expert on violence on college and high school campuses. "Violence is planned," she said. "Victims can be random but violence is rarely random. So he knew there would be a whole lot of people available to him to carry out his crime, and they were sort of like sitting ducks."

Well, Beam Me Up! Isn’t that what we’ve been telling them for years? Isn’t that what politically correct “zero tolerance” and “gun free zones” are all about?

That didn’t stop Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (who is protected by a platoon of armed police officers) from once again playing his broken record about assault weapons, sniper rifles, microstamping, trigger locks, and limit handgun purchases to one per month, none of which have anything to do with the campus shooting. (If you don’t know what a broken record is, ask your parents.)

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