Illinois CCW class scheduled for Oct 19-20

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    Alright friends , I finally have info on the Illinois concealed carry class we will be putting on . Our instructor is on the ISP list of certified instructors . The class will be on the 19th and 20th of Oct in Farmer City at Heartland Ag Inc. This class will not be available for walk in's . It will be a prepaid to lock in your spot , Just like the Utah courses we have previously had . The cost of the class is $225 which will include your fingerprints .This DOES NOT nclude the cost of the Illinois CCW permit . You will send the payment in to the state with your certification when they make the application available .
    If you have any questions PM me

    Here is a list of the class rules and what you must bring with you the day of the class .

    No ammo in the class room.

    No concealed weapons in class room.

    No alcohol, prescription drugs (ones with warnings not to drive or operate machinery), or nonprescription drugs 8hrs prior to, or during class.

    All weapons will be checked by an instructor for safety prior to entering the class room.

    Weapons must remain on the table in front of the student in a safe state. Pistol: slide locked back magazine next to weapon. Revolver: cylinder open.

    Students must follow all other range and safety rules or directives from instructors.

    All students must have their FOID card in their possession on days of class.

    What should I expect on the day of the class?
    The classroom portion of the class takes several hours with short breaks every hour. While the class is in progress we will be taking fingerprints. At the end of the class, we go through the forms with you to make sure they are properly filled out. At the end of the class we will have a live fire qualification. The time involved for the live fire portion varies but is generally an hour or two. Lunch and drinks will be provided during class.

    What should I bring to class?
    Bring a good attitude, a black pen and the balance of class fee. Also bring your DL, FOID card and note book paper for note taking. There will be a written test at the end of class and a critique I would like you to fill out in order to help me expand on my teaching abilities. On the written test you will need a 70% to pass.

    What should I bring for the Live Fire and Qualification?
    For the live-fire qualification you will need to bring a suitable defensive handgun such as a 9 mm or larger caliber and full size frame (i.e. 1911s, Glock 17, 4” barrel 38 revolver, etc.). You may shoot smaller frame pistols such as the Glock 26, a 2” snub nose revolver, or a .22 pistol, but they are usually more difficult to shoot well. Long barrel (6”) target pistols are not suitable. Please ask if you are unsure. You will need at least 30 rounds of ammunition (per qualification attempt) and 100 rounds if you’re taking the 16 hr. course. Also bring eye and ear protection. No holster is necessary, but if you have one feel free to bring and use it. Choose a pistol that you are familiar with and able to shoot well enough to qualify. You must also demonstrate safe handling of the firearm along with loading and unloading. We advise you to practice the qualification and safe handling, loading, and unloading prior to the day of the class. The range is outdoors so bring appropriate clothing. We will shoot rain or shine or snow for that matter.

    Any student who violates any major safety rule may at instructors discretion be asked to leave the class.