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    2011 Waterman, IL Appleseed Information

    Flyers: Available below

    Range: Aurora Sportsman’s Club

    Address: Rueff Road, Waterman, IL 60556

    Website: Welcome to the Aurora Sportsmen's Club

    When: Feb 05-06
    Mar 05-06
    April 02-03
    May 07-08
    June 04-05
    Aug 06-07
    Sept 10-11* Special 600 Capacity Event
    Oct 01-02
    Nov 05-06
    Dec 03-04

    Range Fee: $10.00 per Weekend

    Camping available: NO onsite Camping. Nearby Camping at Shabbona State Park, for more info follow this link. DNR.

    Hotels: Several Hotels within 30 minutes drive in nearby Aurora and Yorkville, IL

    Directions: Waterman ASC is located south west of Waterman, Illinois, about 60 miles due west of Chicago. The Ranges are on Rueff Road, Waterman, IL 60556. To get to the Ranges from the traffic light at IL route 30 and Elm St in Waterman, drive one mile past Elm St. in Waterman to Leland Rd (Look for the HOKA Turkey sign) and head south approx 1 mile to the second road, Rueff Rd and turn left heading east. Signs are posted at each gate

    When Traveling from Chicago (from the East)
    Take 290 West to I88 West
    Take I88 West to the Sugar Grove/Route 56 Exit
    Take the Sugar Grove Exit
    Stay on Route 56 which will change to Route 30 West
    Continue on Route 30 West towards Waterman

    When traveling from the West
    Take I88 East to Route 47 South
    Take Route 47 South to the Route 30 West exit, or
    Take Route 30 West to Waterman

    When traveling from the North
    Take Route 47 South to Route 30 West Exit
    Take Route 30 West to Waterman

    When traveling from the South
    Take Route 47 North to Route 30 West Exit
    Take Route 30 West to Waterman

    GPS: N/A

    State Laws to be aware of: Check Local Laws Here Firearm Owner's Identification Information

    Misc: Centerfire OK. This range is handicap accessible. Shooters, who achieve Rifleman, may have a chance to shoot on Known Distance Ranges out to 600yds, depending on availability. This Range is very conveniently located near Aurora Municipal airport for those of you that fly.

    For More Information Contact: Bill Essling on the Appleseed forum via Private Message to "EEL", or Dan Hendrickson via Private Message to "Garand69" on the Appleseed Forum or email at, or (630)529-5654

    Registration Link: Feb 05-06 Waterman, IL Appleseed - Feb 05-06, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    Mar 05-06 Waterman, IL Appleseed - Mar 05-06, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    April 02-03 Waterman, IL Appleseed - April 02-03 , 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    May 07-08 Waterman, IL Appleseed - May 07-08, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    June 04-05 Waterman, IL Appleseed - June 04-05, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    Aug 06-07 Waterman, IL Appleseed - Aug 06-07, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    Sept 10-11* Special 600 Capacity Event Waterman, IL Appleseed "600" - Sept 10-11, 2011 - Eventbrite
    Oct 01-02 Waterman, IL Appleseed - Oct 01-02, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    Nov 05-06 Waterman, IL Appleseed - Nov 05-06, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite
    Dec 03-04 Waterman, IL Appleseed - Dec 03-04, 2011 - RWVA- Eventbrite



    Waterman IL - All 2011.pdf