"I'll just come to YOUR house..."

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  1. AZL

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    Um...No you won't.

    We had some people drop by our place last night and the conversation turned to shooting and guns, and eventually preparedness.

    A friend of a friend was here, and as we sat around the fire my friend started to talk about how my place was the place to "run to" if the SHTF.

    I pulled him to the saide and put a clamp on his mouth before he let the whole cat out of the bag. All that had been discussed was my years on the job, and the fact that I am a trainer now. Nothing about food storage or other essentials was let out...but I nipped it in the bud.

    So, to the point:

    No....you're NOT coming to MY house. The arrogance it must take to think that I am going to diminish IN ANY WAY the ability of my family to make it through a rough patch, to take care of a freeloader (much less one I don't know), is almost unimaginable.

    Hard decisions will have to be acted upon if the time comes. If you are preparing, then you have already MADE those decisions, and now you have to live or die by them. The same goes for those who have failed to prepare...if you have failed to plan, you have planned to fail and the responsibility for that course of action lies on your own shoulders.

    If your plan revolves around "coming to my house"...then your plan is doomed to fail from the beginning.

    Some will say....they will TAKE what is yours. Let's face it...if you have not prepared for your own survival, what kind of chance do you really think you/they have against someone who HAS planned for and geared up for a SHTF situation? Not much.

    Are you bringing a VALUABLE skill set to the tabe?

    Are you a doctor or a nurse?

    Are you a MASTER mechanic?

    Are you a teacher?

    I can teach a doctor to fight, but I can't teach a fighter to perform emergency surgery on a kitchen table.

    If you bring nothing to the table, then nothing is what you can expect to receive.

    So....that's where the hard time comes in.

    Who do you turn away? How far down your family tree are you willing to to go?

    As for myself...I have family members with whom I haven't spoken or seen in twenty or more years. They all know where I live. They have been invited to BBQ's, weddings, etc...yet, they never respond or show up. I am under NO obligation to care for them, and I plan to live up to that lack of obligation.

    So...what is your personal "No, you're not coming to MY house" cut-off point?
  2. Mosin

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    Like the spider in his web, I plan to invite everyone to my house...


  3. jon1992d

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    I plan in only allowing close family members in my home. Dad mom gram sis bro. The only way i would let someone else in is if i knew them in some way and they understood who was in charge and they had a skill i couldnt provide on my own. The way i se it is that not to many outsiders will be living with me becuase of how prepared i am. I have taken shooting classes, multiple medic-nursing-medicine cources, machine operating classes and have read or own just about any skill books that may be needed in a disaster. I plan on giving every family member atleast one skill to learn or master to assist me.
  4. c3shooter

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    Very good points.

    In our case, the kids, grandkids, and great-grand kids are welcome. Beyond that- who are you? (translation- Get off my lawn)

    However, my personal goal is to be the old man with somewhat encyclopedic knowledge that everyone wants to come to THEIR house!

    I do fair sutures, but I can also rewind motors and generators. Decent shot, but I can also build a fireplace that will draw and not smoke. AND can smoke meat, make sausage, grow the sage for the sausage, and repair the muzzleloader that got the venison for the sausage. Retired Army, but currently a licensed explosives engineer.

    Adding to personal knowledge and skills is not expensive. Much can be acquired by reading (and if it IS a true SHTF situation, having that info as ink on paper may be good). A lot can be acquired by volunteering to help someone that knows how. Never slaughtered a pig? Find a farmer that needs a free hand at killing time.

    It can actually be a rather rewarding and inexpensive hobby- even if TEOTWAWKI does not happen in your time.
  5. trip286

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    There are a limited number of slots at my run to place. All are reserved. Not everyone that those slots are reserved for bring something very valuable to the table. We have a coal miner/horse trainer, an Aircraft mechanic who can fix damn near anything, all male members and at least 2 or the females can serve as mechanic helpers knowing quite a bit about what makes things tick. We have a LEO who helps currently with firearms training in his department, a seamstress, a nurse... and that's about all of the "almost specialty" skills we can boast of.

    But, all of us can do a lot of other essentials, many of them simply because we're from poorer families (why almost all of us have some knowledge in mechanics)

    We can all mend our own clothes, my mom is a former leatherworker and can build saddles and shoes, we all know how to shoot, we all know how to work a garden, we have a lot of electrical know how, and the list goes on in productive skills.

    We also have the stock to make it for quite a while without stressing too much over producing to add to the stock.

    We also have a very large library of other knowledge that may come in handy, like blueprints on building a steam engine :)!
  6. hiwall

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    I hear what you are a saying and I agree - but. I am the farthest thing from a liberal but one has to wonder about keeping our humanity in that situation. If you shoot Joe Blow what do you do with his kids? Maybe the kid is the next Tesla or Bell or Browning. Do we want to lose that genius? I would have no problem sleeping after I killed a couple guys but even I might have days when I wouldn't want to kill a kid or infant. I think most on this forum believe in protecting women and kids. Its fine to draw the line in the sand on a sunny day but how far will you go in real life. Many will shoot the guy coming at him that has an axe but what do you do with his wife and kids after the smoke clears. Turn them away to a lingering death? (or worse). I think if TEOTWAWKI does come it will test all of us in many ways every day. I hope we are all up for it.
  7. trip286

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    Hi wall, in my particular situation, I don't expect everyone to make it to the fox hole. Therefor, there will likely be empty cots at the place. If a man want's to screw his family by forcing me or one of mine to off his dumb A$$, we won't be turning away the wife and kid's I'm sure. But they'd better believe, they'll be working for everything they get, like a place to stay, food in their bellies, clothes on their backs. Even my son works his butt off when we go there, he's only six. He knows how to pick beans, corn (and shuck it), peaches, has learned a bit about how to groom a horse. He helps out around the house in many other areas too. He's cleaning the bathroom as I'm typing this.
  8. kfox75

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    If you ain't got the skills....

    If a person does not posess valuable skills or suplies that will increase the likelyhood of group survival, they will not be joining up. Food, fuel, weapons, ammo, or useful training are a requirement for anyone wishing to stay where I am at. The only exception is children, they can be taught how to hunt, fish, and grow or gather food. I fully agree that a doctor can be taught to fight, but a fighter will find it hard to learn how to perform emergency surgery on a kitchen table. Everyone in my current circle of friends is either a healthcare worker (EMT, Dr. or nurse), in constuction or mechanics, or is ex military. All of them hunt, fish, or grow their own food. All of them have also been preping for SHTF or EOTWAWKI for a long time. We are as ready as we can be, if you are not, leave or become a warning to others!

    Stick with your group and those you can rely on, and pray that we never have to realize our worst fears. But always be ready to face them.
  9. AZL

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    I have an extremely SMALL group of people whom I trust. Trust is a must. Trust and absoulute loyalty.

    If this happens...you have to understand right away that law and orde are GONE, and the only law enforcement personel will be YOU.

    You will have to codify the standards of behavior for your group. Everyone will have to adhere, or be dealt with. How you choose to deal with it is up to you.

    Someone mentioned "keeping your humanity". I'd lose my own humanity if I let harm come to my wife or child because I made a bad choice. I'd have no problem with my humanity if I had to deal with someone who had already made the decision to risk it all to try to take from us. That's not a choice I will have to make, it is already made, so the only thing left is to act on that decision. Done.

    Children....that's a tough one. Children and animals are about all I have any compassion left for. After so many years of seeing so-called adults ruining their lives and damaging all the lives around them...I firmly believe that they are by action, or lack of action, responsible for every bad situation in which they find themselves.

    I suppose I would take in a LIMITED number of children...but that will largely depend upon the moment, and how well we are faring.

    Realistically...I can talk hard line right now, but in the moment, I would probably try to adopt all the kids we could.

    You can bet that the fat, fifth generation welfare heifer that would come begging WILL be summarily dismissed from the property.

    Youg, able bodied men whom I do NOT know....same. Bye. They might get some silly notion that they could challenge ME for alpha wolf in my own den, and it would end badly. Best not to court that kind of situation anyway.

    I am of a divided mind about posting NO TRESPASSING or DANGER signs around my property. One one hand, you can't see my home from the road...so should attention be called to it? OR...should I put heads on stakes by the front gate and use THAT as a deterrent? That's an extreme of course, but you see what I am getting at.

    Honestly...my mother in law (my MOM), her husband, and a couple of friends and their wives are all that are WELCOME and part of the group. We have been working together for a long while getting things in order...I can't see us letting anyone else in.

    But as I mentioned before...you better damned well bring something to the table other than an appetite.
  10. purehavoc

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    AZL , I couldnt agree more , I have only a few family members that are welcome and they all know how to shoot, hunt , own weapons and ammo , have a stock pile of frozen and canned meat , . I hate to say it because it makes me sound like a ***** but there are a few family members that are just mooches and they will be on their own, for my own reasons of course , they have milked of of me before and in a serious time "forget it your got yours a long time ago"
    I can say I have lightly prepaired myself , We keep plenty of food ,water,ammo , guns , welder and a generator to power these things , but not a whole lot of fuel to power it since our ethanol blended fuels dont seem to last very long anymore, I keep round 150 gallons at my work in a 270 gallon container. as it gets 6 months or so old I start using it and replacing it . Put 20 gal in the truck or tractor put some new fuel in it . Most people in this town would probably head out if something happened since we have a nuke plant 14 miles away that could be vulnerable. We have all seen what happened in Chernobyl and know the consequences of what can happen at nuke plants .. All Im gonna say is Im calling the same way AZL IS , you better have something to contribute wether its material things , Water, food , wood, steel , fuel, ammo , or the knowlege of how things work and the ability to repair broken things, or make sick people better .

    On another note
    If you have been milking off my dime on welfare , you should have been planning for survival with all your time off , you already have hard times right ? so your should be used to it and make due , I dont mind when people are in a bind and loose their jobs and need it , as long as their looking for another job or trying to make the best for their family and keep their kids fed , I truey understand , but its the lazy *** people that dont want to work that think its their privilage to eat off the hard working american peoples money that jerk my chain , and go buy steaks and pay cash for their booze and smokes .
    Thats the kind of people that could disappear and most would never care .

    Back on track , Have a plan wether is written or kept in mind . How are you going to get these few things to stay alive , Clean water, power, food, fuel ,the ability to keep your stuff safe from others that didnt plan ahead .
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  11. partdeux

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    tough one... I'd even have a difficult time letting my kids come here, lazy as they are... My mom or inlaws, probably, but they are far enough away, not sure they'd even make it. But even then, they aren't capable of providing any supportive efforts.
  12. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    I would feel an obligation to help like minded people. Say a hunter/gun lover/nobama bumpersticker kind of guy shows up. I'd help him out. Now if some granola eating, birkenstock wearing hippies showed up, I might have to start a sweat shop in my basement.

    Although always be weary of people with kids. They can be the most god fearing honest people in day to day life, but when it comes to the survival of you and their kids, you come dead last.
  13. fmj

    fmj Active Member

    Good thing the wife is a tenured nurse on the cardiac floor of the chief cardiac hospital in the area and i am tenured metal worker with years of farm/mechanical,construction, and heat/a/c experience. + a good supply of guns/ammo and reloading gear and 30+ years hunting fishing experience. :D

    Now we just need to get the food/water/ personal hygene.
  14. Seven

    Seven New Member

    ^this. for many reasons. What if my house was destroyed?
  15. gmaster456

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    Parents, Grandparents, brother, sister in law, sisters, brother in law, nieces, nephew. That's all that can comfortably live in this house. Aside from my nieces and nephews, Most can bring valuable skills to the table.
    One is a Helicopter Pilot in the Army, before that he was a flight Medic
    One is in Homeland security as a CBP officer
    Both Grandparents were teachers
    My mother was a nurse.
    Dad is the somewhat handy man.
  16. Ploofy

    Ploofy New Member

    I have a couple places I can go, if I choose to not go off on my own. But if I show up to your fortresses with enough food to keep myself from being a burden for a while and enough bullets to be an asset, do I get a place to sleep for a bit?
  17. AZL

    AZL New Member

    IF I know you to be a person of loyalty and integrity....then yes.

    See...that's the point isn't it. IF you bring something to the table so to speak...there is a possibility that you will have a place. My objection comes from those who have not, or will not do anything to prepare, and expect ME to be the one who will feed, clothe, protect, and care for them.

    I have two working wells on my property...if you need water...I would share water. I MIGHT allow someone to spend a night or two under our ramada (detached covered patio to you eastern yankees), but NOT in the house. You'd have to understand and accept that SOMEONE would be watching you at ALL times, and that you would confine your wandering to the patio and the restroom that is right by it. There is a fireplace and grill on the ramada, as well as a couple of picnic tables...so there'd be no need to go wandering. You WOULD surrender all your firearms for the duration of your stay, and that they would be returned to you when you left (unless you seem like a douchebag, then your guns just became ours).

    If you bring a critical skill that I or someone in my group doesn't have...then room could be made for someone like that. I can rebuild a Lycoming engine....I have been a licensed pilot for nearly 30 years...I grew up flying my Dad's Cessna 180 Skywagon, which I now own since his passing. If I couldn't maintain that with my own set of skills and you could....you'd likely earn a place. But there is no free rent or free meals.

    What you have to do is MAKE the decision now, and ACT upon the decision if and when the time comes.

    No matter what the circumstances, you will NOT be able to feed every swingin' weenie that comes along begging.

    HOPEFULLY...urban gangs won't come to your area. I live out in the desert, where they would stick out like dildoes at Disneyland, and be totally out of their element and comfort zone. I'd be watchful, but not worried. HOWEVER...if they showed up within rifle range...the opportunity for conversation will be limited at best. Decisions.
  18. aandabooks

    aandabooks New Member

    My list is limited to my very immediate family in the area. My in-laws would be welcome. My Brother in-law might be another story. He lives next door to me and is a felon douchebag. He works but has the IQ of a semi-retarded jr. high student. He would bring nothing to the table but an extra set of eyes.

    I have a few buddies that know that I have a large collection of firearms and have put away some ammo. I don't tell anybody what my food/water storage situation is. I try to keep my belief in a coming SHTF situation kind of quiet. I've only recently gotten my wife to sort of buy into it and that was only after watching a few shows where other seemingly rational people are showing some anxiety over what could be coming. I live in an extremely small town and my plan is to stay put.

    My other brother inlaw would be welcome. He is currently in Hawaii and is a Lt. Col in the Army Special Forces. I doubt that he would make it back to Illinois. He would have all kinds of skills that would be useful.
  19. AZL

    AZL New Member

    THIS ^^^^^

    Even my group of close friends don't know the extent of preparedness I have gone to. My wife has learned canning, and storage. We are not mormon, but have some neighbors who are and they have taught us a LOT about their food storage techniques. Since I retired, I put in a pretty good sized vegetable garden, and this year, we finally had a sizeable yield, where we were able to put up a metric ****load of veggies plus have ALL the veggies we wanted for the table. Every time I go deer or javelina, or pig hunting...I work on my techniques for making jerky.

    I am NOT worried about food or water.

    At this point my concern is mainly security. Not from a "lack of security", but from a practical application of resources point of view. As strange as it sounds...I'd like to find a couple more people whom I can trust to come here IF the SHTF.

    I wonder if anyone has a Dillon Aero Minigun for sale reasonably????? LOL

    Remember: Rice and dry beans are CHEAP, especially if you buy them in bulk at asian or hispanic markets and they keep forever AND provide starches and good protein!
  20. downsouth

    downsouth New Member

    I have read that rice, especially brown rice only keeps for about 6 months?

    Side note, looks like you've read some Rawles yourself.