Ihop is a pistol free zone

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by RomeoTango, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Good, I hate their friggin food anyway!

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    I'm going to check my local IHOP's...if it's the same in my area I won't be eating at them.
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    that is hilarious. They can ask all they like but they can't actually DECLARE themselves a pistol free zone and have it stand up to the law (for their workers yes, patrons no). Our bank says that too, but you can bet I carry at the bank. :cool: maybe they missed the whole part about *concealed* meaning you will never know I have it on me...Detroit is full of morons
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    I am kind of failing to see the problem here.

    This is a private business that is leased, or was leased at one time, from a main company that has very little to do with the problem at hand.

    It's private property that the representative of the owner wishes to enforce a security belief based on previous experiences.

    They are in Detroit: [ame=http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl]Google Maps[/ame]

    And not the upper high end, "I live in peace and comfort next to the business moguls and Sports Stars" part of Detroit. They be in the "less than" district.

    Have you been to Detroit?? :eek::eek:

    I have, and at night, the manager/owner has a point - people aren't showing up after church practice.

    So, this person doesn't want guns on his property for the safety of his clients.

    If this offends you, then you don't go there. As this is Detroit, with some of the most arcane gun laws are anyways, I don't imagine a ton of our members are booking reservations there. :rolleyes:

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    It's Detroit for God's sake!

    He will never have a customer if this is enforced!
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    This is private property and the owner has the right to ban guns.
    I think this would be a better sign to post.

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    JD is right. This area is on the fringe of downtown Detroit. Although vastly improved since I worked the area in the 70's and 80's its an area that after dark in contolled by the nightcrawlers. After concerts and other events you either stay within the confines of downtown to eat or you head out to the suburbs. There isn't a "safe" in between place to go. Sure there are some foolish suburbanites (kids) that will try anything and go to these places but by the end of the night it isn't fun and games anymore for them. Beaten up, robbed, car, wallets, purses, cell phones stolen, even kidnapped and raped.

    No one in that area bothers to abide by the law where you apply for a permit (no longer used) to purchase a gun, register it (still valid), then if you wish to carry it, get a concealed permit. Here, the right of passage is you better have a gun with you or near you by time you are 14 otherwise you might not make it to 15. Doesn't matter what you carry, the cheaper the better. We used to call them "Saturday night specials"

    My partner and I took 14 guns and made arrests on each one in a span of 6 days from an area 1/2 mile north of this area, including three who were going inside to rob a liquor store.

    So rest assured those attempting to eat in this particular IHOP are not you and me and your brother and his friend, other law abiding citizens, nor the pillars of the community. They are down right thugs who will put a bullet in you just because. Further, why else would off duty or retired cops be hired there and using wands to check for guns if it wasn't a problem?

    BTW, sure brings back a lot of memories...good and bad.
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    There's no problem with a private business doing that. If you don't like the policy, go elsewhere.

    The biggest problem I had with the article was:

    You want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.

    That's an awfully famous line with some really bad underlying meaning. It didn't belong in this piece regardless of the business IHOP is in.
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    The article screamed anti-gun to me. But, then again, that's just the point of view of the writer I suppose. I can totally see why a business like that IHOP bans weapons and hire security to make sure that there are no gangbangers in there at 4am in the morning slinging 9mms at each other over an argument about a bottle of syrup.
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    Why doesnt the restaurant just put up a sign that says
    "NO BAD PEOPLE ALLOWED"? It would be just as effective.
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    "Okay, the magic wand says that you aren't armed. Now sit down over here and I'll bring you a spoon, a fork, and a steak knife".

    The after-concert/closing time crowd only deserve the best, no?
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