If you need range time but can't afford a lot of ammo

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by opaww, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. opaww

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    I am going to kind of go out on a limb a little here and recommend something that some may like and some people may not like.

    We all like to shoot and the more shooting one does usually the better we get. We have seen the price of firearms and ammunition increasing over the last few years. Sometimes right through the roof, making ones range time a lot less due to costs and ones wallet being much more empty now that we have to pay to be Americans.

    If one can afford a good quality .22lr handgun they can shoot at the range a lot because ammo is not as expensive as other calibers. But you don’t get the feel of a higher power handgun. This can be somewhat overcome by using a higher powered handgun but we incur a cost in ammo.

    A happy medium would be to buy a Tokarev handgun, which J&G sales has them for $199.95 U.S. The ammo is running around $5.46 per 70 rounds, $52.50 per 700 rounds or $90.09 per 1,260 rounds. Making this a very cost effective gun and ammo for range time with the feel of a higher powered gun.

    The Tokarev is not the best gun but for the price of ammo it is one I can live with for more range time.

  2. spittinfire

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    I've thought about getting one just because they're so inexpensive but I haven't as of yet.

  3. Olympus

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    The ergonomics of the Tok have turned me off when considering a low-cost range toy. It's just not comfortable for me to shoot for extended sessions.