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  1. DrFootball

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    One of my "retirement" bucket list dreams is to visit Montana. It's one of only 7 states I have never been to. My wife and I want to rent/lease or buy an RV, and drive. I know we also want to do a river cruse on the Columbia & Snake rivers through Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.
    Watching WARDENS on OUTDOOR Ch. the last Year has perked our interest. I'd probably want to Bird Hunt, and Fish, but not Big Game(no desire for a Elk at all). What can some of you Great Montana folks tell an ex NY'er now an Arizonan about your Great State?
    Do you need a CCW to Carry a Handgun? or is it like Az. ownership is proof of LAC status? any of you willing to meet up and give us a "5 cent" tour??

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  2. subie-jeep

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    CWP required for concealed carry,nothing needed for open carry.

    I've lived here for awhile now but life has kept me busy enough to keep me from doing too many touristy things but i've always wanted to go to glacier national park,but i have been to Yellowstone,worth checking out if you've never been.

    If your looking for epic views this would take the cake.

    Here is info about hunting/fishing.
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  3. clr8ter

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    I've had a fascination with Montana for a while, too. It's one of maybe 35 States I've never been to.
  4. Eagle1803

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    I rode the Harley up to Yellowstone, then Went to Montana, and rode to the Top of Bear Mountain, seen all 4 seasons in one day, Montana is beautiful!
  5. sandog

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    Dr. Football, I'd be glad to give you a good nickel tour, but have been working over in the oil fields ( eastern Montana/western North Dakota) for the last year, so don't get home for a few months at a time. I can tell you some great places to see in central and western Montana, having lived and explored there for the last 35 years.Send me a P.M. before you head up this way.
    I believe the definition of concealed carry in Montana is " weapon covered by a garment", if you carry in a fanny pack type of holster outside your clothing you are perfectly legal. Of course a concealed permit from Arizona will do if you have one. And open carry as mentioned above.
    All of the pics are from "peak bagging' trips last summer in the Bozeman area north of Yellowstone park.

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    I have hunted most of Western Montana and love it. Big Blue is true! I have taken elk and mule deer, and trout fished.
    The eastern part of Montana is as flat as a cutting board!! To the west the rockies part is breathtaking. The stars at night is a sight to behold. I had on a cowboy hat and met a lot of real cowboys wearing hats!!! Big difference.
  7. DrFootball

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    Subie thanks . I had the state site. Sandog those are nice Pics. Thanks for the Resps. Guys. Well be doing our big game hunting with Cameras. Birds and Fish however are fair game if in season. I also hope to interview a few Wardens while there. They are some interesting folks with good Stories. We missed our chance to interview one who retired but was on the Show quite a bit the First year at SHOT, but he's writing a book, so if Outdoor CH. Is part of the PR for it, we'll get him on the Podcast. One who is still on the Show has agreed and has approval from his bosses( we wrote a letter) were just waiting for a Time when he is available .

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  8. willshoum

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    Home on the range..................

    The capital of the mountain oyster................Great hunting up there if you don't get shot at your self......................:eek:;)