IF money was no object ...

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  1. jsanders

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    When you start shopping for your first semi auto and don't have a dog in the fight, ie ars beat aks *** because I used one in the...it's hard to decide between an AR or AK or any of the other options and know you got what you need.

    If money was no object what would YOU do? Not a dream arsenal but this particular part of the arsenal. It's hard to describe. Would you get a good AR (if that is what you decided you liked) and just any AK? Is there a rifle that has AKs reliability and light like an AR? I am also thinking of the availability of ammo under adverse conditions. Quitting your job and opening a gun shop is not an option in this discussion.
  2. CA357

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    I'm old school. Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad. The Scout Squad is the perfect size to my way of thinking and 7.62x51 is a potent and deadly round. It's a battle rifle.

    I know the arguments for and against it and I believe it's the rifle to have.

  3. Glockanista

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    Great question. If money was no object, I could cretainly see myself going for the Scout Squad or other M-1 varient. The rifles are gorgeous, potent, accurate and proven over time. And isn't that what we all want in a rifle (except maybe for the gorgeous part). Ammo is a little more expensive than 223 or 762x39. The gun is also heavy.

    I am am an old school guy, and never liked the M-16. Although popular with many, would not be my choice. The AK's are reliable and simple. But not a choice I would make either.

    And being a longtime Springfield 1911 shooter, I would probably settle on the M-1A "Whitefeather" edition in honor of GNYSGT Carlos Hathcock for his exploits as a sniper in Vietnam.
  4. ronl

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    Robinson Armament XCR.
  5. G21.45

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    I own them all. My preference? If I had to live with only one gun, I'd take an Arsenal, Inc. AK-74 over any other short carbine on the market. If you're worried about ammo availability and live in the United States, the, 'smart money' would have to be on 5.56 x 45mm. ;)
  6. Gus556

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    Only one gun?!?! Hmmmmm, I would have to agree with others and say an M1 except I would go with a NM M1A1 it would be great for defense AND can kill anything in North America so you wont starve!
  7. user4

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    I'm not near clever enough for this. Just go X2 from anything JD says. I'm putting him in my bug out bag
  8. crockett007

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    The AR 15 / M16 has function issues, the AK has accuracy issues. The M14 has neither. Match grade M14 / M1A for me:D
  9. canebrake

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    1colt2.jpg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. Dillinger

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    LOL - That's funny right there. I actually made it into someone's bug out bag. That has to be a first for this forum. :D

    Okay, you want a semi auto. And you want reliability. And you want the ability to sling lead. And you want the ability, presumably, to upgrade or add things to the platform that you see fit. Oh, and it should probably be accurate enough to keep the space zombies away from the driveway, right?

    That knocks Colt right off the list. Stupid Proprietary platform. Large Pins this, different size mounts that. Screw them!

    That would also knock the basic AK's out of the box. They aren't shooting 6 inches at 600 yards, I can tell you that. :p

    A custom built AK? I just don't know if I would be willing to spend that kind of money and get that "lack of quality" of weapon. The AK platform is fine, for what it is, but my first choice for a SHTF battle style rifle?? I don't think so...

    And money is no object huh?

    Okay, you asked for it....:cool:

    You need to get an import firearm's license, and while you are at it, get a class III weapons permit and a couple of tax stamps.

    Order This Rifle directly from H&K Europe. The .308 Nato caliber will knock anyone's penis in the dirt and there is ammo all over the place here in the states.

    Call Brugger Thomet and get yourself their Type G Suppressor. This is a VERY good suppressor and it will cost you a bunch of money. But, they have a VERY good name in suppressor technology. Get the quick on/quick off attachment. You'll thank me later.

    Get yourself an EoTech 552 XR .308. It will mount right up to your 1913 rails, at any point you want, and it's already got a Bullet Drop Compensator built in for the .308 round. Get the Night Vision Compatible version.

    Call Schmidt & Bender and pick up this scope that was deemed "good enough" for the USMC Snipers. :rolleyes:

    But wait, now I have two optics, how is that going to work??

    Call Larue Tactical. This quick release mount is designed for the EoTech and allows for your Night Vision Co-Witness.

    Get a set of these rings for your S&B makes it easy to snap the glass on and off as long range / shorter range opportunities present themselves.

    Another option would be to get an ARMS quick release scope mount rail and get some really hardcore Badger Ord rings for the scope.

    Then add a Pelican case, a Leica laser range finder, a 5.11 Tactical HRT shooting solution watch and a Kestrel Wind Meter.

    With that kit, you should be able to hit, and kill, just about anything man sized or smaller out to about 800 yards, conservatively....

  11. orangello

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    I'd want an AR-10 with a really nice scope & an instructor to teach me how to keep it as reliable as my SKS is. (preferably OD in color)
  12. Silvertip 44

    Silvertip 44 New Member

    Loaded or NM M1A and have it fully accurized by a very good armorer.
  13. slowryde45

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    first, the best spotting scope money could buy, to pick out the guy with the best gun and lots of ammo.

    second, a big bag of rocks.

    third, a very quiet, fast helicopter and a-1 pilot to go with it.

    fourth - hover over guy with best gun, preferrably while he is relieving himself or something (ie- away from best gun in the land) and drop bag of rocks.

    fifth, land and pick up best gun and all the ammo.

    Last - use best gun to take out chopper and pilot ;)

    Or...would take KAC SR-25 Knight Armament SR25

    w/can and Schmidt and Bender glass or a

    Fulton Armory FAR-308 Fulton Armory FAR-308 TITAN or

    Fulton M14 Fulton Armory SOPMOD, with same ;)
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  14. yazul42

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    Most likey an M1A, or an HK91, although I used an M16A1 and it was accurate and reliable, just prefer the heavier round. A good custom rifle from Baer, and other fine smiths, would definitely be an option since money is not an object.

    Good shooting,
  15. bgeddes

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    Money no object & a tax stamp?

    M60, nothing says get the Hades out of here like a belt fed beast barking like mad.
  16. zhuk

    zhuk New Member

    If money (& legality) was no object...a purely sentimental choice

    AK 106F



    either would be fine :D
  17. slowryde45

    slowryde45 New Member

    Nice AK's ya got there zhuk. Specially like the Arsenal 106F ;) Nice PSO scope, too.

    Tantal scopes & mounts if you want to add a nice red-dot to either

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  18. zhuk

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    Tragically, they can only ever remain my wish-fullfilment fantasy, Slo. /sniff :(:(:(
  19. AsmelEduardo

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    Same as Zhuk... "...a purely sentimental choice" a FN-FAL, 18" PARA stock
    If I realize my American Dream, I will buy one from DSA customized with all the toys I want. :p

    Once I get my FAL the next toy will be a nice customized M1A :D
    ...and at last but not at least... a Colt LE6940... right Cane? ;)
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  20. slowryde45

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    Are they out-lawed down in Aussie land? I knew you all had stricter gun control down there, just wasn't sure what all the stipulations and regulations were.

    If so, no worries Mate ;)

    You can always jump on the big silver bird, c'mon - it's only a 20+/- hour flight, and join us here in the land of the "quasi" free :cool: For now anyway, you could still fulfill your fantasy to own either of those.

    Nice choices by the way, even if I would have aimed a little bit higher than the SAR. I have a couple SAR's in the collection, too, SAR-1, -2, and a -3.

    I picked up an Arsenal SAM-7, pre-ban with the blonde wood furniture, back when they were still available here. It is one of my prized pieces in the AK collection. The SLR-106F, similar to your top picture, was next on my list, when the election happened here and everything got a little screwy. But I'm still looking, and hopefully will find one of those, and then maybe a SLR-105 (in 5.45).

    So keep your sentimental choice fantasies alive, you'll fulfill them one of these days.;)