If I won the 425 million powerball I would..

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by downsouth, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. downsouth

    downsouth New Member

    Get in touch with an attorney of good standing.

    Setup trust

    Give some to charity, St. Judes for sure.

    Give two weeks notice at work.

    Travel the US

    Get a scar 17 and about 4000 acres to shoot it.
  2. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Die. That would be all. I wouldn't have to worry about money, regardless of whether I collected or not, because I would die from the shock.

    But, if I survived...
    And the 4K acres next door to Downsouth. :)

  3. StainlessSteel215

    StainlessSteel215 New Member

    I really like the first 2 suggestions!
    Not much else to add except perhaps take my home computer which I have stayed up countless til 2am nights doing freelance graphic design on for years.....fly myself out to Arizona & stand at the highest peak of the grand canyon.....and chuck it as hard as I could whilst doing a Braveheart-style freedom fist pump!!

    But getting back to reality, I would take care of my top 10 charities across the USA, take care of as much family and close friends as possible and honest to god, give away ALL but 4 million for myself. $2 mil would go into a secure trust, the remaining $2mil would be spent eliminating all my debts and buying a few nice things for my wife and child. Too much money attracts too much negativity and the dreaded "lottery curse". I would fly high as a kite spending/living off $4mil
  4. downsouth

    downsouth New Member

    Ummm, 4 mil ain't what it used to be. I'm thinking after 100 mil, it's all just numbers.

    SS215, inflation is a b!toch. Maybe put some in gold as well.
  5. MoreAltitude

    MoreAltitude Member

    +1 on most of the above, additionally I would build a private track and private airstrip on my expanse of land. After that, my full time job would be to go out to my ridiculously well equipped garage and tinker with cars and planes...
  6. StainlessSteel215

    StainlessSteel215 New Member

    Nah, thats the beauty of it downsouth. It would be $4mil more than I have now and PLENTY to live off for a very long time. I dont need much....remember big lifestyles equal big bills. Its expensive to be rich!

    Once debt are eliminated I would be a free man anyways and still keep some sort of job to stay busy, until I got bored with it ;)

    I honestly couldnt survive the fantasy of yachts, expensive dinners, luxury hotels and 25k sq ft homes. Not me. I just want to be debt free and get a nice lifestyle boost to what I currently have. My wife & daughter is all that matters....we would simply be more "comfortable".

    Again, all the guns in the world couldnt buy me the security and peace of mind to live an extravagant lifestyle. I prefer easy living, simple....
  7. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    Quit my Job
    Buy a personal Health Insurance policy
    Visit with my Sons to get a feel of their interests.
    Book a flight to Hawaii, relax on the beach to sort things out
    Buy a new F150
    Buy a new SLS AMG GT
    Buy a lake home in northern MN
    Buy a Gulf home on Marco Island

    ...that's good for the first two weeks:)
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  8. downsouth

    downsouth New Member

    I gotch ya SS 215. I wouldn't won't a yacht. Just a 25' hewescraft on the homer spit for halibut fishing. A 22' Alumaweld jet sled in the pacific NW and some sort of boat in the panhandle of Florida.
  9. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker Well-Known Member

    Take care of family
    Big house with a LOT of land, (nearest neighbor over a mile away)
    Big truck
    Fast car
    More guns.
    Save the rest

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  10. Sniper03

    Sniper03 Supporting Member Supporter

    Contact a good lawyer!
    Trust for the Wife, Children, Grandchildren and some of the family (Which I am doing this week anyway!) But the 400+ Mil would add over 400+ Mil to the little bit I have. Only doing it to protect the family against the government deep dippers.
    And to be sure things are going where I want them!
    Also continue and increase giving to St. Jude's, Boy's Town and the Wounded Warrior Project.
    Run for public office to protect our Second Amendment and other Constitutional Rights. Be one Hard A-- that could not be bought out or threatened.
    Pay my home off
    Buy more ground here in the TN hills where I live
    Build a Range and Training Facility with Club House for sportsmen and women
    Help some poor folks without them knowing where it came from.
    And continue to live a good life with family, friends and acquaintances and be blessed as I am.
    Doesn't hurt to dream! :D

  11. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    Yes, I'm with you. Fishing boat (s) would be Phase II :D
  12. rurak

    rurak New Member

    "Id buy a 400 million dollar car" . Who said it?
  13. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I would retire to a small beach house in northern FL on the Atlantic coast. I would have a walk-in gun safe. I would hire a really good bodyguard/designated driver and then get veeeeeery inebriated for about a year. Then i would find an adjunct teaching job at a community college in that area, a yellow lab (adolescent or older) to name lemonjellow, and coast for my remaining years.

    I would also want a mid-eighties Ninja 650 to put-put around on.
  14. WebleyFosbery38

    WebleyFosbery38 Active Member

    Pay every bill I have and close every account.

    Buy much more land around my house,

    Hire a 24/7 armed Gatekeeper Service

    Cut my home free from the grid.

    Buy a brand new Mercedes and cherry out my 88 Mercedes Wagon

    Donate $1000 for a brass plaque and a new crapper for my favorite place of thought Johns John to my Liberal Arts University Employer along with a reasonable taillight notice and the keys to my Electronics Shop.

    pray nobody asks how I won it considering I never buy a ticket!
  15. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    I'd have that three season porch I've always wanted put on.
  16. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    Hitting the super payoffs seems like it would be the best thing that could ever happen to you. In many cases it has just ruined the people's lives. I am fairly happy with what I have done with the wages I have earned over a lifetime and don't really require many toys to make me happy.

    My current hobby is collecting Mosin-Nagant rifles, but with unlimited resources, I am not sure that it would be fun anymore. Sometimes the chasing is more fun then the catching.

    That said, I wish you all luck. It would be super cool if someone here hit it.
  17. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    (1) Over 3000 acres of prime 'away from civilization' land;

    (2) Underground living unit 30 feet deep with sustainable necessities;

    (3) Large donations to children's hospitals, animal rescue & shelters, homeless veterans & families;

    (4) Houses in USA, Ireland, & Latin America;

    (5) 2/3 of wealth converted to gold and silver :)
  18. purehavoc

    purehavoc New Member

    I drive my Co truck to work in the morning just like normal and maybe show up a little early , wait til everyone got here , Put a $100 on each desk tell them all Merry Christmas and walk home . So generous you say , Well its better than I would like to tell a few to go do :D To be honest with you they would all expect me to show up again the next day even after leaving for the day unannounced . I would be packing my family to head to a NFA friendly, warmer state down south and I would start applying for everything under the sun thats NFA . Call my family and tell them Im moving , new job transfer and it must happen quickly . Why because most of my family members minus my adopted father and my wifes parents . All the rest of them are all mooches and they would be knocking down the door for their handouts . no thanks I want the F outta here before they all get lined up . Buy up as much property as I could swing out in the boonies and live like I have always wanted to . I might even splurge and buy a nice double wide house trailer and a used jeep for myself .
  19. stoppingpower

    stoppingpower New Member

    By a 425 million dollar car
  20. rhyno13

    rhyno13 New Member

    I would move to South America and do whatever I wanted.