IDPA legal Mag pouches?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by lechwe, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. lechwe

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    I want to get into IDPA shooting and am curious on some of the equipment being legal. I am leaning towards a Fobus double mag Roto mag pouch for my M&P. Does anyone know if this is legal?

    Also, does anyone have a preference on belt style or paddle for this and why they prefer one over the other?


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  2. GunnBugg

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    Yes it is. See below for rules and go to to download a rule book.
    I prefer paddles so I can place them exactly where I want them.

    Magazine carrier must:
    A. Be designed for concealed carry and suitable for all day
    continuous wear.
    B. Be worn on a standard belt of no more than 1 ¾” width that
    must pass through the belt loops on the shooter’s pants.
    C. Hold the magazine with enough tension to allow it to be
    turned upside down and retain a fully loaded magazine.
    D. Cover 2” of the magazine as measured from the top of the
    cartridge rim down the back flat of the magazine tube.
    E. Cover the entire front face of the portion of the magazine
    inside the carrier. The front face is defined as the side of the
    tube away from the shooter’s body.
    F. Hold the magazine within 10 degrees of vertical (80-100° to
    the ground) position on the belt, no substantial forward or rear
    G. Be worn in a belt location that will position the front edge of
    the carrier behind the centerline of the body.