Idiots filming robbery scene fail to notify police

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    Manta, i have to agree with JTJ on this as well. there has been a lot of media bias against officers of law enforcement over the past several years. pretty much placing targets on their backs. i too fault the media for having a hand in doing that.

    there are several cases of officers shooting unarmed people that are definitely questionable and should be investigated, and possible criminal charges directed at those officers. but if you think about it, usually the negative stories about police officers are the ones getting the media attention, not the thousands and thousands of positive stories of all the good officers doing good things for people in their communities. that is IMO, very unfair and biased media at work.

    and much of those on YouTube? take those with a grain of salt would be my suggestion. look at the motives and the reasoning behind the people videoing and posting them. what are their ulterior motives? some of them just have a beef with people in law enforcement and are going to try and use anything they can to make police officers look bad or portray them in unfavorable fashion.
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    They did take action regarding the shooting at the petrol station.

    Groubert, 34, was fired from the state Highway Patrol and pleaded guilty last year to assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

    On Tuesday, Circuit Court Judge Casey Manning sentenced Groubert to 12 years in prison but suspended the time to five years and then gave him credit for the 17 months that he had already served in jail after pleading guilty, meaning that Groubert will serve only about three years in total. He will only have to serve his full sentence if he violates probation after his eventual release.
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    An ex cop in prison could have a hard time surviving.
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    usually they segregate anyone that was in law enforcement of any capacity because of such obvious reasons for their safety.
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    This actually happened about 5 blocks down the road from my plant. That was the talk of the neighborhood around here for several weeks. Sgt. Schroeter has been to the plant several times for late night alarms, safety walk throughs for active shooter scenarios, and really is a stand up guy. My youngest son is wanting to be a cop and he's taken him on two ride alongs. Freaken super nice guy. I wont type out my last chat with him, but the guy is unbelievable lucky that Matt didn't unload on him.