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    Hello all,

    I'm currently in the possession of two guns. A very old revolver and a more "modern" sidearm (modern looking, but I think it's old). Unfortunately finding information about these guns appears to be rather difficult.

    From what I can tell the revolver is a .22 cal (NOT sure about this!) single-action, single-shot German WW2 revolver (It says Schmidt on the side and looks a bit like a Ruger Redhawk). I do not have a picture of this revolver so I don't think it will be so easily identified here.

    However I am currently more interested in the more "modern" sidearm. I am unable to find any information about it. It has a logo on the grip: SM. I've looked on Wikipedia (also for now defunct weapon manufactures) and other sites, but I can't seem to find any manufacturer that uses SM as their logo let alone any information regarding the pistol itself. It’s a very small pistol and doesn’t look like it packs a punch, but I am a complete novice in the world of guns (and I really mean it!). I think it’s a semi-automatic 9mm handgun but I don’t really know why I come to that conclusion since I have very little knowledge about firearms.

    In any case I was wondering if someone is familiar with this gun and can tell me what exactly it is. I made a picture of it in the hopes someone recognizes it:

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Please pardon any spelling and grammar errors, English is not my first language. Thank you.

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    I'm guessing but your pistol may be a .25 caliber Hawes. Hawes pistols were imported from Germany back in the 1960s or so. The J.P. Sauer & Sons Company were associated with the Hawes Company. The Hawes pistols were imported through California and then distributed across the U.S. Here's some info for you to look at and compare:

    Pistols For Sale - 25 auto 25acp. - Auction: 9888802 (Ended 09/12/2010, 11:22:30 PST)

    This next photo shows some Hawes' grips:

    An Italian gun maker called Galisi may have also had a hand in making your little pistol too.

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    If the round of ammunition in the picture goes with the gun, the caliber is probably stamped on the base of the cartridge.
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    Firstly thank your for the quick responses. The bullet in the picture fits perfectly in the magazine so I guess that's the appropriate one. I haven't checked which caliber yet. Is it possible that this gun was imported into the US with the name Hawes? On another forum it was suggested that this pistol is a Rhöner SM 110. Perhaps it was simply imported into the US with Hawes as its brand name.

    So it's probably an old German gun as you already said.

    I wonder if I can find more about it now that I have more information on it.

    Thank you!