Ichiro got traded to NY

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Flat Tire, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Flat Tire

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    NY bought him today and NY is in Seattle tonight and tomorrow. The game is on right now with Ichiro in the NY uniform for the first time. This morning he was a Mariner and tonight he is a Yankee playing in Seattle.
  2. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    We have been saying he would look good in pinstripes for years. :D

    We were at the game last night and only heard about the trade about 2 hours before we headed out. It was a shock to us, as loyal Yankees fans, but with Brett Gardner on the shelf for the rest of the season and Nick Swisher coming up on the end of his contract, I think Steinbrenner Inc was 'covering their bases' just in case.

    Ichiro got a HUGE standing ovation from the Seattle and Yankee fans at his first plate appearance last night. He took his helmet off and bowed very deeply and very respectfully to all four corners of the park, then waved and smiled. Then he proceeded to rip a single to right. :D

    I have always thought he was one of the best lead off men in baseball but there was no way he would ever get a ring while in Seattle. Now at least after 12 seasons (11 of which he rountinely got thumped and was out of contention by August 1st) he has a real chance to secure a ring.

    I'll be rooting for him to get one, and for the Yanks to get number 28 in the process.

    Suck it Boston!!


  3. BigByrd47119

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    While I love Suzuki, he has really fallen off the pace this year. Hopefully some good bats around him in the rotation will mean he gets some better pitches to look at but I wouldnt be so sure he simply hasnt reached his limit.

    He MIGHT make a decent utility man for the Yanks...

    Oh, by the way, GO INDIANS!!!
  4. vincent

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    Well now, there THAT is...:D Mariners fans showed a ton of class, as well as Ichiro AND, the Seattle catcher (whose name escapes me...) who went to the mound for no good reason other than to give the man time to show his respects, gave me chills...

    I just had to respond the the suck it Boston comment, as apparently we will continue to do just that (effing Bobby V, now HE can suck it! :mad:)...Of course I'll never be able to debate baseball with a Yank me fan as the conversation would go a lot like this...

    Me-Yankees suck
    Yankee fan-SCOREBOARD!!!

    That's all she wrote...:eek:

    Gotta show support for my team...yankees suck! :D
  5. Fathead00

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    Ichiro is a great all around player. It is sad that after all those great seasons he had, he would have to leave the team that he came into this league with. Too bad they didn't have better teams in Seattle for Ichiro. Hopefully he turns this season around.

    GO WHITE SOX!!!!!
  6. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Vincent, I love you man! You always make me split a side when I read your snarky posts. That one was world class right there, I damn near choked on my water. :D

    Bobby V?!?! What was the braintrust in Boston thinking? The guy was languishing in Japan (and pissing people off THERE) for crying out loud!

    The rest of the league didn't want to touch him, but those guys railroaded Francona (who we Yankees fans actually admired and respected) out of town to bring him back? Sweet Jesus....

    In a slight correction the argument would go more like this.

    Vincent - Yankees Suck, Yankees SUCK!

    Me - Do these 27 rings look gawdy? Do you guys need any light or some scraps of chow down there in the basement?


    I'd reiterate how much Boston sucks - but picking on the handicapped & incapable is no way to go through life. LOL