Ice Mans Last fight?

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    OK after the very impressive loss Chuck showed the last time out. Dana White said thats it your done. Now he is saying well maybe you can keep fighting. First I want to say to Dana dude man up and stick to your word. Second Chuck retire already dude you are one greatest fighters in MMA history. You have plenty of money think about your wife and kids retire and go drink Mojitos at Canes house. I understand you still love to fight and you still have the drive to fight. You are getting older and the competition is getting younger and more skilled. You have nothing to prove at all to any fan. If a fan does say you need to prove your self they are stupid and full of dung.

    OK MMA GODS OF FTF make your pick from below on who chuck should fight in his last UFC match.

    Houston Alexander

    Ryan "The Master" Bader

    Stephan Bonnar

    Quinton Jackson

    Rich Franklin

    Anderson Silva

    Brandon Vera
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    Where's the poll? No vote?

  3. cpttango30

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    I tried to make it a poll but screwed it up big time.

    I guess I can make one.
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    I'd like to see Chuck fight Silva for his farewell bout. Silva can duke it out, but Chuck has an anvil for a jaw. On the ground, Silva clearly has the advantage, but getting Chuck to the mat would be a chore for Anderson.
    My 2 bits. Chuck doesn't kick downstairs, which is the only reason it would be close.