I would like to see the Form 4473 online

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  1. death01

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    Does anyone have a link that is non pdf of the form 4473(Firearms Transaction Record)

    I want to know exactly what questions does it ask you, before I go and buy a gun. So nothing catches me by surprise because the last thing i want to be doing at a gun shop is being confused about a certain question or not knowing the answer to a question.
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  3. death01

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    my computer cant open pdf files. thanks for the link. i managed to download it but i first have to fill out the seller settings and i dont know them since im not buying a gun now..
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  4. GTX63

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    Basic questions really-
    Are you insane?
    Are you a convicted felon?
    Ever been locked up in the nuthouse?
    Ever beat your wife and gone to jail for it?
    Are you a crackhead?

    I believe you must fill out the form (as a buyer) in the presense of the seller. Details count. The I and the L in the box for the state must be capitalized, for example. Corrections must be initialed.
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    This is what I use for private transactions . I put in a FOID where CWL is since Im in IL

  6. c3shooter

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    The basics of a 4473- and I'm going from memory, so help me out here, FFLs

    Have you been convicted of a felony (crime that can be punished by a year of more in jail)
    Have you been convicted of a crime of domestic violence?
    Are you an unlawful user or addicted to controlled drugs?
    Have you been ADJUDGED mentally incompetent?
    Are you under indictment for a felony?
    Are you a fugitive from justice? (warrant out for your arrest)
    Are you an illegal alien? (Legal aliens CAN buy guns. If not a permanent resident (green card holder) they need to meet qualifications- like having a hunting license)
    Have you been dishonorably discharged from the US military?
    Have you renounced your US Citizenship (Thank you, Lee Harvey Oswald)

    Are you the ACTUAL BUYER of the gun? (Your money, or did someone give you money to buy a gun for them?)

    Other questions have to do with your identity- name, SSAN (optional) address, date/ place of birth, etc.